Wordfast is one of the Computer Assisted Tools (CAT), which combines the two technologies: the discourse segmentation and Translation Memory.

Wordfast includes a real-time quality control question contral(QC) tool, which has a layout inspector and a high-quality controlled vocabulary feature. The feature can be customized by the user and be able to check the translator’s track layout and term accuracy, which is a breakthrough on the CAT industry.

In other words, the user’s key terms can be easily added into Wordfast, and all of the terms’ discourse coherence can be checked in the translation process.

In addition, the checking of a large number of documents’ quality inspection can be conducted by a way of batch, the project manager can get a detailed report about handling on the layout of the document / term quality.

Wordfast can works in MS-Word, also can be used in translating the documents of Ms-Office™ (such as, 如Ms-Excel™、Ms-Access™、Ms-PowerPoint™) and HTML document as well. The format of Wordfast’s translation memory (TM) is on-limits—it can be checked and edited by using Word™、 Excel™、 Access™ and many other popular programs.

In addition, Wordfast identificates automaticly and uses the format TMW of Trados Workbech, Compatibling the format of the translation memory aid programs (such as Trados, DéjàVu, Star Transit and SDLX translation memory) and the the EXP file format of Translation Manager.

All of these features are bundled in a simple template. The translation companies can send the Wordfast to their partners by emails. And make them can fit up it in few minutes.

Project managers can keep the vocabularies, quality checking and layout requirements into a specific translation memory, so free translators can keep the translations in the same with the projects’ requirements automatically.

Wordfast can be used in the systems of Ms-Word™ 97、 Ms-Word™ 2000、Ms-Word 2002 (XP) and the Macs’ Ms-Word ™ 98 and Ms-Word ™ 2001 of PCs. Which can be used for more than 20 people to share the translation Memories and/or background memories via LAN.

Wordfast can be connected to the machine translation software or the server (local or network), when the TM in the machine translation does not match the recommendations provided.

Tools and expansion programs can allow the advanced users to complete complex commercial tasks, such as from Word, Access, PowerPoint or Excel files to extract discourse, pre-translation of the document, optimize translation memory, analysis projects, track check different translator Term use, development projects such as the unique extension.