How Does Internet Reshape the Logistics?

过去 10 年电子商务的发展,将传统的中国物流推进快车道,今天京东、阿里等企业陆续在海外上市,物流成为其估值的重头戏。这也是为何刘强东自始至终都强调京东物流的核心价值,马云会在阿里上市头一年(2013 年)高调启动菜鸟物流平台的关键内因,物流对于大型平台电商企业有着不言而喻的战略价值。

With the development of e-commerce over the past 10 years, traditional logistics in China has grown rapidly. Nowadays, as Jingdong, Alibaba and other enterprises have been listed overseas in succession, logistics will play an important role in the company valuation. This is the key reason why Liu Qiangdong has always emphasized the core value of Jingdong logistics and Jack Ma publicly started his unmatured logistics platform in 2013 (a year prior to the listing of Alibaba). Logistics has an obvious strategic value for e-commerce enterprises with large platforms.

大家有一个共鸣,当今的物流企业是抱着金饭碗讨饭吃。如何理解?物流企业作为乙方,通过提供物流服务获取微薄的利润,其实物流作为商业通路,拥有重大的营销和数据价值。这是互联网时代唯一能面对客户的群体,在保证信息安全的前提下,这里蕴含这重大的大数据分析和精准营销的价值,物流行业积累粉丝的价值远远超出常人所意料。以快递来说,2013 年全国快递包裹数量 92 亿,中国的网购人群超过 4 亿,这 4 亿网名的地理位置、购物频率、购物喜好都可以通过物流角度去分析和挖掘。

It’s believed that today’s logistics enterprises are holding golden bowls for meals. How do you understand that? Logistics enterprises, as Party B, used to gain low profits by providing logistics services. However, as a business channel, logistics has great marketing and data value. To be more exact, the great value lies in big data analysis and precision marketing under the premise of ensuring information security, as logistics industry is the only group that directly faces to consumers. Also, its fans value goes far beyond our expectations. Take express for example, the number of national express parcels was 9.2 billion and China’s online shopping population was more than 400 million in 2013. These netizens’ geographic location, shopping frequency and shopping preferences can be analyzed and studied from the point of logistics.


Overall, logistics in the future will be increasingly related to Internet as follows:







1. Free economy will emerge;

2. Flat information channel will be unblocked;

3. Fans economy and traffic thinking will become next profit opportunities that no longer come from logistics operation;

4. Social marketing and precision marketing driven by large data will be the main trends of the future logistics marketing. Anyone who has fans will be more competitive;

5. Business model will change with new innovation based on technology;

6. Crowdfunding thinking, platform thinking and cross-industry integration thinking will bring new business value to logistics industry.

From: The Huxiu

Translated by Ashley, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd.

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