With the rapid development and requirement of the society, Internet is very popular. Internet has become indispensable in our lives. We can use the network to carry out self-study. But the network has many advantages and disadvantages.

There are many benefits of network. First of all, through the Internet, we can be linked with the world, to gain outside information, understand the world, and faces the information society directly. Secondly, through the Internet, we can find information.

For example, the teacher arranges the work and we may on-line search some materials. If we meet the questions, we can also be possible to send the card to seek help. And the warm-hearted friend will help you to solve the problem. It may also develop our field of vision.

It makes us know the knowledge outside some textbooks and expands our aspects of knowledge. So, it is very convenient for us to find information on the net. Thirdly, through the Internet, it enables us to release the pressure, and be able to connect with our friends.

And we can chat with friends; we can talk about study, work and living things. Fourthly, the Internet may improve various aspects of our level. For example, we can speed up the typing through chatting; and enhance the language ability and communication skills; we can become more familiar with the Internet world and make better use of network resources.

Finally, we can also teach ourselves by the net. It is convenient. We can be on-line at any time to question a teacher or friends and receive timely up-to-date study guide.

Everything has two sides. There are also disadvantages of the network. Firstly, Internet can easily become addicted. It will have a bad impact on learning. Secondly, it also has an impact on our physical health. It would have an impact on our eyes.

Thirdly, Network information causes “the information pollution”. The network is an information treasure house, simultaneously is also an information tipping site. On-line each kind of information good and bad coexisting, the genuine and fake difficult to distinguish, because some of us lacks the effective supervision, on-line pornography, reactionary and so on negative information is common.

At the same time, network interactive and equivalent also causes the people to be possible under an absolute free environment. They receive and convey information. This bad information is bad to the body and the psychology. We were being in the development period, right and wrong discernment ability, self-control ability and the ability to select are quite weak.

Finally, the network information is easy to attenuate student’s moral consciousness. The richly colorful Internet information has enriched student’s inner world enormously, but during as a result of the information dissemination’s haphazardness, the ideological trend, the idea of all forms also floods, regarding the self-monitoring ability not strong, and causes to lose the moral rule.

Anyway, there are more advantages than disadvantages. We can use it widely. We also can use the network to carry out autonomous learning.