Recently i got a translation job via Memoq, the advantage of memoq is that this software can export different file format which compatible to other CAT software.

(Introduction to memoq)

MemoQ is designed to present an optimal environment for translators and project managers, with useless keystrokes and file operations eliminated. It is a one-stop environment with every tool integrated in the most transparent manner.

MemoQ is an easy-to-use concept-oriented system. Even though appearance and feel is similar to trados 2011, such things as a semi-WYSIWYG translation grid, usage of remote translation memories and term bases, a cutting-edge aligner and homogeneity analysis within the statistics module help it become match the older brother.

As i said above, we exported our Memoq Handoff project to trados bilingual file, and put them into Trados 2011, the translation goes well, but when i cleaned out the files in trados 2011, the Truncated Tags problem come out, please see the below example:

Source from Memoq:

” id=”1″ ctype=””>Getting Started

” id=”1″ ctype=””>Saving editing changes

Tags be Truncated by trados 2011:

as you can see that all the part after = of tags has been truncated

” id=”1″ ctype=””

” id=”1″ ctype=””>

i have looked through other files, all the tags has been truncated into

this is an unexpected issue that i never imagined, now i have consult trados technical support, right now, they also have no idea to solve this bug.

but trados 2011 is fully compatible with xliff exported from Memoq.

it turned out that Memoq bilingual word is incompatible with any tools! the inlines tags could not be imported back!!!!! this is reaaly a memoq problem!

(Introduction to trados)

SDL Trados is a computer assisted translation software suite, originally put together by the German company Trados GmbH and currently available from SDL International, a provider of translation store, cms and language services. It gives you translation memory and terminology management. Now the latest release is Trados 2011.

right now, im looking for the solution other than copy and paste. i will keep on posting my status on solving this problems.

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