CCJK—–as being a very professional translation and localization service company in China, earns it’s good reputation in customers and gets rapid development in the industry, it’s success not only lies in it’s professional sales team, but also here I must emphasize it’s management—human-based. CCJK takes good care of every staff when they join in and gives the employee a sense of feel like a family more than a team.

To build a humanization of working environment, CCJK lets all employees involved in management, we have a “Back office” software system which can show every employees job function and performance.

It embodies the fair and just. From company’s supervisor to subordinate, every one achievement could be seen which encourages people to work in high efficiency and try their best to develop potential talent. It achieves great success in sales record one after another because of this.

In addition to the job function and intelligence sharing, CCJK provides various welfare to staff such as: every afternoon encourages staffs to take 10 minutes dance to the music, it really gives you a chance to relax to continue tense and busy work; with coming of the Spring, the company organizes employees to travel, everyone participates and votes the most desire scenic spots, this kind of activity makes employee have a chance to communicate and know more each other, interaction not only makes us being good friends but also more helpful for work.

Beyond of above ones, company still sets kinds of reward system such as blog reward, merit pay e.g which inspires us go on study and work hard.

Because of series of human-based management, the employees can public their views and share everything, boss is their friends rather than their leader, they feel repect and being taken good care of, the company more cares employees health rather than pursuits of profit as the ultimate goal, so everyone willing to work hard for company and we believe only the company develops and becomes strong, each of us will have a promising future.

As the Chinese traditional saying says“A gentleman is ready to die for his bosom friends.” Only staff works with heart and soul for the company, the more powerful it will be, that is why all the rulers stress the common people forces, because only the people can decide development and expansion of enterprises. CCJK always insists on this point and I believe it will do the better.