As we all know, vocabulary accumulation is very important to a translator, especially phrases, idioms and synonym, etc. Here, I have collected some English phrases expressing “to succeed” and some examples in use. Let us check out:

1.(go) with a bang

In the end, the evening went with a bang and every one enjoyed themselves.

The team won their last four games, ending the season with a bang.

2. Pan out

If Facebook’s plans pan out, it could change the way people think of social networking.

What may work great in the lab or on the computer may not pan out.

3. Bring home the bacon

It was the fact that I was relying on my creativity to bring home the bacon that concerned him.

It is bestowed because he was a politician-in this instance, a highly effective, bring-home-the-bacon, jobs-for-the-boys politician.

4. Go places

She’s twenty-four, independent and with a fairly flourishing career, In fact, she’s a girl who’s going places.

Go places with Standard Chartered Bank!

5. Work out

Both sides badly need this to work out.

We are faced with a lot of problems but we’ll work out in the end.

6. Make it big

I knew from a young age that I wanted to make it gig in show business.

Determination and resilience are two of the most important qualities needed to make the grade as an athlete.

7. Come through

Having come through the junior ranks at DK, he played seven seasons there before joining Coventry.

8. Go up in the world

John’s gone up in the world since he left school. I hear he’s merchant banker now.

May be the beautiful girl would even rapidly go up in the world.

9. Make good

Undoubtedly his one failure in his career was his inability to make good appointments.

After graduation, he made good as a lawyer.

10. Do the trick

If growth of this kind does not make people happy, stagnation will hardly do the trick.

Well, they are both really brave and versatile. I think either one would do the trick.

11. Go swimmingly

I’m sure your party tomorrow will go swimmingly.

When things go swimmingly, few people seem to mind being run by benevolent autocrats. When things get sticky, they are less obliging.

12. Get the best of

The facts she cited helped her to get the best of the argument.

I didn’t get the best of it, but anyhow I am in second place.

13. Be high up in the pictures

The charming girl’s gentleman friend was said to be high up in the pictures.

14. Put it over

“You cannot put it over again, because you have lost both of your hands”, she said to me.

15. Come to the top

His goal in life was to come to the top in the fishing business.

Michael has finally come to the top in the construction industry.

16. Pay off

Did your daring plan pay off?

His efforts finally paid off.

17. Make something of

He, too, wanted to make something of himself.

18. Get ahead

I just believe that mothers who want to get ahead must work as hard as everyone else.

They got ahead by means of hard working.

19. Sail before the wind

Once you get the job, the rest of your life will sail before the wind.

20. Make a hit

We are bound to make a hit.

But I also get that same feeling whenever I make a big hit or a break or a run.

The above are only some of this kind of phrases, others, like win through, meet with success, achieve success etc., are more commonly known, so I did not list them out and give examples. Hope they are useful when you want to express “to be success” next time. You will have more options to make your articles different from the rest.

Besides, these phrases all have a meaning of “to succeed”, but there are tiny differences when use them, which need the users to distinguish in practice. Words and phrases are just like the bricks used in building construction, we must accumulate one by one if we want to have a tall building. As the old saying goes, “The highest eminence is to be gained step by step”. To be a good translator, we should walk like an ant one small step each time, but we do not stop. And, day after day, we will make something of it on one da