Training and inspiring students’ motivation to learn and inspiring students’ strong desire and a strong interest in learning is especially important. Strong motivation to learn will enable students to participate in active learning activities, and conscientiously to cooperate with teachers teaching activities, a better learning activities mainstay.

A. Helping them establish a proper learning objective

Learning objectives set stimulate learning motivation is an important factor. When teachers help students set goals, the first teachers should understand that whether students has been ready to achieve this goal and willing to work hard and have the ability to achieve these goals. Teachers help students set learning goals should be developed prior to their teaching programs, so that students clearly the ultimate goal of learning activities, and their specific requirements for the expected learning outcomes, resulting in a positive motivation to study.

Teaching more clear and specific goals for the students stimulate greater role. The only goal of establishing the internal needs of the students when it is to inspire students to learn the full motivation and interest in learning objectives with the need to raise the level of student learning and change.

B. Inspiring students interested in learning English

Cognitive strategy refers to the activities of the students to learn techniques. We should strengthen the motivation to learn English, teachers must know their learning process, and guide students to use the scientific cognitive strategies were satisfied with the results.

English teachers to use teaching and learning activities to students with the awareness to master cognitive strategies, attention is paid only to the students change for imparting knowledge to capacity-building, attention is paid only to study the effect of the change to the learning process, thereby stimulating and train students to learn the motive.

Be good at discovering their own strengths, and be good at training their own advantage, to show their talent, is the basis to improve learning.

First, we have to be good at discovering their own strengths. The so-called “strength” is its own merit, it has two interpretations: First, their own other than certain conspicuous or slightly stronger. Second, in the same comparison with other people, other than their own or prominent people slightly.

In fact, everyone has strengths, and to see you have found it. Secondly, we have to be good at training their own advantage. Have advantages, will be in the competition. Third, we must learn to grasp the opportunity to be good at creating opportunities to display their talents.

We must continue to find their skills, and continuing to develop their own skills, constantly display their talents, can be achieved. However, we can not be ambitious; we should pay attention to peacetime bit accumulation of attention at any time to participate in, and maintaining a good attitude.

Moreover, we have to respect the reality and face inadequate to make up for lack of repair regret. We only found less than a timely manner, meet the shortfall can bring out its own advantages.

Interest is a tendency to study and understand some things and a psychological campaign is the driving force for the students knowledge, motivation to learn is the most active factor.

Therefore, the purpose is to stimulate interest in the culture and stimulate the motive of students learning English, learning the main stimulate the deep motivation to learn English fun for all at that.

English lessons need to diversify the teaching methods in the traditional teaching methods of teaching will adopt modern means, such as slides or introduction of computer-assisted teaching. Moreover, English classes also need new forms of teaching and learning activities.

For example, the creation of a wide range of problem situation. Through classroom questions, such as classroom exercises, the creation of a good learning environment, workbooks and other new forms of content should be. In addition, students may be invited the foreign teacher give some English lectures to students it can inspire them to speak English.

C. Feedback motivational strategies

The outcome of the study using feedback to enable students to understand their own timely results of the study, which will have a considerable incentives. In the classroom, positive evaluation of teachers and positive attitude for the students to improve foster self-confidence and self-evaluation is particularly important.

When information feedback clear, can be an effective stimulus, the specific feedback can provide a wealth of information but also aroused motivation, students can see their own in learning to make much progress and from there they can know how far for the goal. At the same time, they will see their own shortcomings, which will further stimulate their motivation to learn.

D. The proper conduct of competition, improve student learning of the positive

Competition is to stimulate learning motivation to mobilize the enthusiasm of the students to learn effective means. Because of race superiority and to arouse students to meet others recognized and commended, and other psychological needs. Competition in the form of attention should be paid to take own with the past contests, the race between the individual and collective competition between the combination.

Through competitions, student’s victory heart and an even stronger desire, motivation and determination to overcome difficulties will be greatly enhanced. Carry out such collective group or race between the self-competition, to promote their mutual help, and make concerted efforts to achieve the common objectives, and help students cultivate the spirit of cooperation.

E. The frequent review, keeps the subject in memory forever

Review is an important part of learning English, students can’t remember English well, and the main reason is not have the prompt review. Learning English should better be reviews in 24 hours, reviews before forgetting, this can be maintained by the knowledge acquired in the brain.

Review time should not be too concentrated, not again review time interval is too long, Such as: not review for several hours in one day, but separated several days to review again. Every day after learning English, preferably in close their eyes when examining memories of the day before falling asleep most of the content, can not remember the next day to check books, trying to memories of this method is very effective.

Read English loudly is a good way of review, reads aloud wants the heart, mouth, eye, ear. Remember the word first will read the word, read the right words, again in accordance with the rules of pronunciation of the sound-English is the alphabetic writing, English words by different letters composed by certain rules, the word has its most essential in its pronunciation En contrary, there is bound to have its pronunciation letters. Once the student has known this rule, reviews repeatedly again, remembered the word is not very difficult things.