Good websites share something in common that nearly all of them can give people a strong impression at the first sight. Having a fine design website is a direct way to promote the traffic of your website and bring your online business and income. However, if your web design is in a mess and far from people’s acceptance, consider your potential clients as virtually invisible on the web.

Many surveys show that new visitors can only spend an average of 15 seconds on each website. If your website is not good enough to hold their interest to for them stay longer, then they move on and you lose a potential client. Below are some tips for designing an eye catching website.

Creative concept

One of the most important aspects is your concept which make main structure of your website. If you already know clearly what your website will be, you will certainly make your website impressive and attractive. Besides, you should identify your market. What kinds of services would your website offer? Try to do some research or survey to know about your clients. How old are they? What do they do? What are their other interests? All of this information can help you to make a website much more useful.

Catchy layout

Most web surfers can take in a whole website’s impression at a glance. A beautiful website was designed with its customers’ acceptance. In order to catch people’s eyes, you’d better create a simple navigation that reflects your website’s content to your customers in a brief introduction. Simple and smooth navigation adds to the convenience of the visitors

Color and shades also captivate the eye. Due to the display effects of different screens, colors which are not browser safe may become worse on different computers, meaning if a computer can’t display a color 100% it will then display the nearest color to it instead. The result is the bad visual appearance. So make sure that you use browser safe colors throughout your site.

Rich content

Using headings and subheadings can improve the highlight of the contents and it can easily let clients find the certain information which they interested or needed. These make your web page appear more organized and likely to be crawled by search engines.

There is a saying goes that good content sells a product. Enrich the content of your website is another way to make website eye-catching. In the meantime, you should always double check your spelling and grammar for any mistake will bring big disasters to not only the contents but also the sales. The consistency of web pages let visitors stay in the same site, so you should arrange you contents consistent with each other. Having a well-designed website will keep visitors in your site longer and more often. Just be sure to give them a good first impression because, as we all know, first impressions are the ones that last.

Making an eye-catching website is a complex task that requires creativity and skill. Maintaining a site that is visually appealing and attractive is of benefit to sales and marketer to establish and maintain the business with clients over the Internet.