Translation is a job that needs high level of concentration. Once you are distracted by something, you may be of low efficiency in your job or even make some mistakes. How to keep concentration on your job? Here are some tips I’d like to share with you.

1. Make a plan beforehand.

Take several minutes to clear up the projects you will handle for the day. Think of the way you do it and how long it would possibly take. Write the plan down and put it in a more prominent position, so that you are clear about what you are going to do and won’t miss a thing.

2. Self-suggestion.

Tell yourself that you should keep concentrated and form such an habit. When you are distracted, your habit will pull you back on track.

3. Put aside the distracting things.

1) Clear up your desk. Put the unnecessary items in your drawer and leave only those necessary on the desk.

2) Close the irrelevant applications on your computer, such as social communication tools, disconnect the internet if necessary.

3) Keep away from television or radio, except they are needed for your job.

4) Avoid the noise. If you are in a noisy environment, you can put an earphone or move to a quiet place if practical.

4. Get adequate sleep.

Once you get tired, the efficiency is absolutely low. So ensure you sleep at least eight hours a day. Take a nap after lunch would be of great help to refresh. Besides, chewing gum may be of help and mint gum seems to help the most.

5. Self adjustment for pressure releasing.

If you encounter a challenging task, give yourself a hint that this is a new challenge and you are not afraid of it. Build self-confidence and believe you can do it well. Furthermore, don’t spend too much time on worry and anxiety. Too much pressure would not help for your task.

6. Take a break after working for a long time.

A research indicates that the concentration of an adult will last for an hour and a half. After working for such a long time, you will be distracted unconsciously. So take a break for about ten minutes would help you keep concentrated in the following work, such as stand up and take a walk, do some simple exercises or eat some fruit or snack. Remember to strike a proper balance between work and rest.

If you have other ways for keeping concentration on work, let’s all share together.