How to improve work efficiency, with a minimum of time, manpower and easiest way to complete the most important thing.

Six tips:

Firstly. Emotional management skills. Emotional management skills is the premise of efficient work.


1. In any case, you can find the good side.

2, Be able to summarize the experience in frustration.

3. Always be able to find a solution to the problem.

One of the famous politician in the world said: “If you think you are unfortunate, I believe that there must be someone more unfortunate than you in the world. If you think you are great, I believe that the world will always have some people more amazing than you.”

When you are in bad mood, please ask yourself three questions:

1, Can anger change the results?

2, Can anger make yourself happy?

3, Can anger bring happiness to the people around you?

We need to learn to accept the reality, keep calm, analyze the causes and solve problems, not let the same terrible thing happen again.

We should often do self-check. Do not take other people’s mistakes to punish others; Do not take other people’s mistakes to punish themselves; do not take their mistakes to punish themselves; Do not take their mistakes to punish others.

Secondly, people management skills

Together with what the people will decide what kind of person you become.
The efficiency also have effect on your relationships. Often list the person who can increase the value of your time as well as the person who can consume the value of your time.

Thirdly, the health management:

Daily sleep duration of not less than seven hours.
Health and longevity of the four elements: an optimistic attitude, adequate sleep, reasonable nutrition, the right amount of movement.
Give yourself at least a year to do a physical exam.

Fourthly. Target management skills

The target is replaced by the reality. To list the five most want to achieve in this life goal, not to the idea as a target.

The four methods of management by objectives: a fixed target, enlarge the target, the target visualization, detailed plan.

The goals you want to go all out, rather than best.

Fifthly, organization capacity

The Four Mistakes communication: an attempt to change the other default position to judge others, in an attempt to convince others, as the expression communication.

Six rules: Loose lips sink ships; try to make the other side first; determine the gist of the problem; upward reporting to talk about results, referrals to the work speak program, analyze problems about process, found the problem to talk about the details, summing up the work to talk about my feelings; to know each other feelings; seize observe each other’s body language; Keep Cool.

Note: sincere, do the right thing, keep a secret, use time efficiently.