Not long ago, on the 21st Chinese-to-English Translation workshop held by the International Communication Committee under Translators Association of China, many popular words that came out in recent two years had been discussed in a detailed manner.

Among those words some ones from government documents reflect policies newly implemented by Chinese government, therefore indicating the feature of the current era Chinese government is experiencing; there are also some words from online wording that is of unique structure, simplicity and freshness, and rich connotations.

From the latter category of words, we can have a general glimpse of popular life style, state of mind among Chinese youth and Chinese online culture.

Then let’s have a look at all those words:

1. 在这举世瞩目的年

in this remarkable year of

2. 大型实景歌舞演出

real-scene musical extravaganza/musical on the site

3. 高雅艺术

high art, serious arts, classical art forms

4. 提高全民文明素质、文化素质

improve the civility and cultural level of the populace/improve education on culture, civility and arts

5. 人文交流

cultural and people-to-people exchange

6. 各美其美,美人之美,美美与共,天下大同

Appreciate the culture/values of others as do to one’s own, and the world will become a harmonious whole./Everybody cherishes his or her own culture/values, and if we respect and treasure other’s culture/values, the world will be a harmonious one.

7. 国家级文化生态保护区

National Cultural Ecology Reserve/National Reserve for Cultural Ecology

8. 国家文化产业示范基地

National Cultural Industry Demonstration Base

9. 国家重大历史题材美术创作工程(大型主题性艺术创作工程)

National Project of Artworks on Major Historical Themes (a large art commission project on the specific theme of…)

10. 动漫产业

cartoon and animation industry/animation industry

11. 山西文化艺术精品晋京献礼演出、全国农村题材小戏调演、文化部首届优秀保留剧目大奖

tribute to Beijing: selected art performances from Shanxi, selected art performances from around the nation on rural themes, first MOC theater repertoire grand prize

12. 覆盖城乡的公共文化体育服务体系

a nationwide network of public cultural and sports services

13. 文化单位转企改制,扶持骨干文化企业,培育新型文化业态

corporatization of cultural entities, supporting leading cultural companies, fostering emerging cultural industries

14. 是深化、加快转变经济发展方式的攻坚时期

a hard-battle period for deepening reform and opening-up and accelerating the transformation of economic development pattern (economic restructuring and upgrading)

15. 提高文化产业规模化、集约化、专业化水平,打造中华民族文化品牌

increase the levels of scale economy, intensive management and specialization of cultural industries, create brand name Chinese cultural products

16. 在非物质文化遗产保护方面,以建立项目名录、保护项目为主要工作抓手

take the designation of heritage lists and heritage items as leverage for the protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage