Quite a few people round me are concerned about the chaotic situation in Libya. One of them who is a fan of David Villa Sanchez even mistakes that there is something wrong in Belgium. I appreciate that China voted for the sanctions against Libya and abstained on the issue of no-fly zone.

Today there are still a lot of people quarrelling excitedly about Gaddafi. Naturally they are divided into two sides. Some of them think that Gaddafi who has committed too much evil deeds is malicious, dictatorial and corruptive. He slaughtered civilians and bombed passenger airplanes.

He thoroughly deserves to be eliminated by the coalition. The others consider that what happened in Libya is the internal affair of the country and foreign countries should not interfere in it. The western countries are simply intended for oil or transferring their own domestic conflicts. They are evil-hearted.

Friends ask me about my opinions. I said that my viewpoints are extremely simple: dictators have no internal affairs, killers must be wiped out. It so happened that the moon yesterday was the largest in 19 years. On behalf of the moon, let these tyrants be eliminated, no matter who he is or for what reason.

Reference: Han Han https://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_4701280b01017ige.html