Google Makes Efforts to Change the World in 12 Ways

谷歌喜欢致力于一些别人未曾发力的事物, CEO 拉里·佩奇也认为谷歌是变革的“代言人”。谷歌已通过 Search 改变了我们获取信息的方式,也通过 Chromecast 改变了我们消费媒体内容的方式,而且还通过 Glass 改变了我们如何消费信息的方式。另外,谷歌还因为其“登月实验室”而闻名。

Google likes to be engaged in things others do not use as much resources as it and its CEO Larry Page also considers Google as the “representative” of change. Google has changed the way we get information with Search, the way we consume media content with Chromecast and the way we consume information with Glass. Additionally, Google is also renowned for its “Google X Lab”.

如果谷歌随心所欲,那么我们的世界将发生 12 种不可思议方式的改变。

If Google succeed finally, our world will changes in 12 inconceivable ways.

1. 通过谷歌的无人驾驶汽车实验,每年交通事故所带来的死亡人数可能会减少。汽车在高速公路上已能掌握行驶,但谷歌宣布其测试车能处理好带有行人道的城市街道。

1. With Google’s driverless car experiment, death toll caused by traffic accidents in each year will be reduced. Currently, Google’s driverless car has been proven to be capable of running on motorway, but Google says its test car is able to handle urban roads with sidewalk.

2.  Google X 还想出了气垫板的想法,它认为使用磁铁能保持气垫板向上,但由于磁铁倾向于转向极性,气垫板将不断翻转。研究团队也考虑过使用其他材料,但最终认为太昂贵,尤其是对于一个只会轻微影响社会和经济的产品来说更是如此。

2. Google X also propose an idea of air cushion plate. It thinks the use of magnets can keep the air cushion plate up and the plate can turn over constantly for the magnets trend to turn to poles. The research team also considers other materials, but finally proven to be too expensive, particularly for a product only slightly influencing the society and economy.

3. 谷歌 CEO 拉里-佩奇甚至还想过发明出空中自行车,希望鼓励更多人骑自行车。他在最近的 TED 演讲表示:“这看起来完全是疯了”。

3. Larry Page even came up with an idea to invent airbike to encourage more people to ride bicycles. “It looks like a crazy thing,” Page said in his recent speed at TED.

4. 谷歌还希望通过建立新的初创企业加利福尼亚生命公司 (California Life Company) 来解决衰老甚至死亡问题。

4. Google also expects to work out the problems of senility even death through its newly established California Life Company.

5. 谷歌眼镜使人类比以往任何时候都更接近科技。今年,维珍航空开始测试谷歌眼镜的用途,使用谷歌眼镜为旅客提供服务。

5. Google glass enables human beings to be unprecedentedly closer to science and technology. This year, Virgin Atlantic Airways has begun testing what uses Google glass has by applying it to the services for passengers.

6. 谷歌正在研发一款智能隐形眼镜,旨在帮助糖尿病患者追踪血糖水平。同时,最近浮出水面的一项专利申请详细说明了谷歌是如何为隐形眼镜添加传感器和微型摄像头的。

6. Google is developing a kind of smart contact lens that is designed to help track blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. Meanwhile, a patent application disclosed recently has specified that how Google adds sensors and miniature cameras to the contact lens.

7. 目前,大约三分之二的地球人仍无法上网,谷歌试图通过 Project Loon(热气球互联网服务计划)来将互联网接入到整个世界。

7. Currently, Internet is still inaccessible to about two-thirds of the people on the earth. Google attempts to perform Project Loon (Hot-air Balloon Internet Service Plan) to make Internet access available in every corner of the world.

8. “Project Ara”是谷歌为 60 亿人专门设计的模块化手机计划。通过 Ara,人们基本上可以定制自己的智能手机的方方面面。

8. “Project Ara”is a modular phone plan specifically designed for 6 billion people by Google. With Ara, basically, everyone can customize every aspect of his/her smartphones.

9. 一部到空中的电梯可能会改变太空旅行,但据报道,由于材料的限制,谷歌在研发中碰了壁,但是,谁又能说谷歌不会再次考虑该产品呢?

9. A lift into the air may change the space travel. But it’s reported that limited by materials, Google has met some obstacles in the research and development. However, who can say that Google will not consider the product again?

10. 谷歌正致力于智能可穿戴技术。今年 3 月,谷歌宣布计划通过 Android Wear 项目将Android 引进智能手表。

10. Google is being engaged in the intelligent wearable technology. In March this year, Google announced that it would plan to introduce Android into the smart watches through the Android Wear project.

11. Google Fiber 旨在提供千兆互联网速。谷歌的超高速互联网服务 Fiber 可能让我们用前所未见的速度来享用信息

11. Google Fiber aims to provide gigabit Internet speed. Fiber, Google’s ultra high-speed Internet service, may allow us share information at an unprecedented speed.

12. 谷歌似乎在使得拍摄风景变得更加容易方面有自己的独特眼光。2013 年,谷歌被授予一项专利:拐杖内嵌入一个摄像头。

12. Google seems to have its own insights into easier landscape photography. In 2013, Google was granted a patent: a walking stick embedded with a camera.

From: The Cyzone

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