Good practice of integrating your business process into system design

When design a system such as project management, always bear in mind it’s a good practice to integrate your business process into the system. Take translaiton business process for an example, you know all th important assets such as TM, glossay, style guide, along with the working files, instructions, checklist, refernce and UI list etc. However, how to make sure all team members have all these important materials and on the same picture when working on the project, we can always build them in the system by using a wizard-like design to realize the goal.

We can design a New Project wizard, and build all the above steps into the system in a step-by-step way. First, allow the project manager add the working files, and then assign the TM, glossary, style guide, and then provide the instruction and checklist. By packing all of them using the wizard, the team members can get all necessary materials for an informed production.