Background: I have a wordpress theme modification project from a Japanese client. The client’ s requirements is as follows:

Adding banners in the homepage of the page of each category such as, and before each article of the each category such as

The note of each category should be different. For instance, the bag category should be noted be noted as bag, the kin should be noted the kin, etc. In addition, all articles of the bag category should be noted the same as bag articles; all articles of the kin category should be noted the same as kin articles,etc.

Approaches: The project manager Mr. A writes down what the client requires and assigns the task to the project to one engineer named Mr. B. While the engineer begins to develop without a good understanding of the project. He uses a wordpress plug-in and javascript. The client tells him many times not to uses plug-in and javascript.

While he still insists on using the plug-in and javascript. The project manager Mr. A does not communicate well with Mr. B and thus Mr. B does not understand the project well. In addition, Mr. A seems that he does not have time to communicate with the client. I tries many times to ask Mr. A to pay attention to the clients’ notification. While it turns out that he still does not pay much attention to this.

So two weeks has passed and nothing seems to be done. Then the project monitor Miss. C arranges another engineer Mr. D to go on completing the job. I tell Mr. D not to use the javascript for adding the banners. Unfortunately, he still makes the same mistakes as Mr. B and still uses the javascript. At this time, the client gets a little angry about this and he stresses that both Mr. B and Mr. D do not understand the project and Mr.

A should complete the project by himself. So there cames the consequence that Mr. A and I have a phone call with the client via Skype. After the phone call, Mr. A says that he understands the project after all. About two days later, he decides to complete the job by himself. While the client tells him the fuku category and the kin category still have some problems. For instance,the banner note and the url does not match. Mr. A tries to modify, while he tries but fails. He asks another engineer to solve the problem. Then it comes to the engineer Mr. E, he uses Photoshop to change the note of the banner and finally the banner note matches with the url.

The client decides to test the site by himself and fortunately the test is successful. As agreed, i gives him a very good comment and he gives me a five-star feedback and releases USD200 to us.

Conclusion: Once a project has been confirmed, the sales guy and the project manager should have a very good understanding of the project and understand the client’s requirement. Then the project manager should communicate with the engineers very well about the project. Thus, the engineers could complete the project in a very fast time. While during the process of communicating, the sales guy and the project manager should communicate very well with the client and let the engineers understand. Therefore, a project could be well done.