Whether you are planning a special project or simply organizing your routine working day, the following steps can help you to meet your deadlines and stay in control.

1. Make a list of tasks (things you must achieve).

2. Break down the tasks into shorter steps or actions.

3. Set a deadline for completing each action.

4. Do the most urgent tasks first.

5. Predict and try to prevent problems.

6. Check your list regularly and make sure you are on track to meet your deadlines.

7. Don’t put off tasks because they are difficult or you don’t like them.

8. Don’t concentrate too much on one task and forget all the others.

Therefore, A single plan is better than no plan! I know what I want long term: qualify, Move up, reach the top, retire, die. I know myself – strengths and weakness, I should make full use of my strengths, and become my special weakness into strength.

I also know what I want short term: trying to be on my best behavior throughout the three months on probation. Get a salary raise at the end of the year. During this time, I also need learn the skills of translation, and improve my English level step by step.