No matter what you are doing, focus your attention is the very important. If a student cannot focus his attention in class, he may miss some important knowledge. If a worker distracted, he may misoperate the machine, causing defective goods.

If a driver distracted, he may arouse traffic accident. When a doctor is doing a surgical operation, absent-minded may probably cause a medical negligence, even lead to death… Even the smallest error can lead to disaster.

Many times, we cannot focus our attention. But only when we made mistakes because of distraction, can we realize the problem. The environment diverting your attention, random thoughts and emotion factors are all the causes for distraction.

Your train of thinking is just like a monkey, jump from here to there. In order to train your focus, you need to tame this monkey.

Focus is the right thing one must strive for. If you want to be concentrated, you need a perfect environment. Also, self control is very important. Some tips are as follow.

Use offline tools

There are too many Temptations on the internet, instant messaging service such as QQ, MSN, Skype, blog, Myspace, email, bbs, etc. Try to use offline tools to isolate yourself from internet fascination. If you have to be a web worker, you need to restrain yourself and try not to touch these temptations too often.

With clear purpose

You must have clear purpose: just want to kill the time, or have to finish some certain jobs, or really want to do something? With clear purpose, it can give you a reminder: what are you going to do today?

Reasonable arrangements

With clear purpose, divided it into several segment. Then ,fulfill them one by one. After finishing one segment, you can reward you self: go to pick a glass of water, or go outside to have a little brake.

Get enough rest

One need to take enough rest to keep energetic in work. Do not sleep too late in the night. Get up early. Have a break in the noon. Take some exercise and walk more instead sit there all day long. When you feel tired during work, or just standstill, take a break. Breaks can refresh your thought, and allow you to focus your attention to deal with some tough work.

As for a localization practitioner, one need to be concentrated on his work. Focus attention is the most important. Here I will give you some negative evidence, from which you can see, how important focus is.

All prices in US Dollar are exclusive of 15% VAT.

所有价格均以美元为单位,包括 15% 的增值税。

Pay attention: EXCLUSIVE not INCLUSIVE. The right translation should be: 所有价格均以美元为单位,不包括 15% 的增值税。

The corresponding alarm icon appears at the top right corner of the display.


Pay attention: in this sentence, it is top RIGHT corner not top LEFT corner. The right translation should be: 对应的警报图标会出现在显示屏的右上角。