You may notice the difference between British English and American English when you are studying English. In fact, a lot of people who don’t have English as their mother tongue can’t tell the difference between British English and American English.

In this article you will find some words with the same meaning have different expressions in British English and American English.

Chinese American English British English
公寓楼 apartment building block of flats
公寓 apartment flat
一楼 first floor ground floor
二楼 second floor first floor
电梯 elevator lift
行军床、折叠床 cot camp bed
衣柜、五斗柜 dresser chest of drawers
婴儿床 crib cot
壁橱 closet cupboard
窗帘 drapes curtains
餐具柜 hutch dresser (for plates, dishes)
遮光帘 shade roller blind
落地灯 floor lamp standard lamp
烤盘 cookie sheet baking tray
面包箱 bread box bread bin
晒衣夹 clothes pin clothes peg
炉子 stove cooker
电线 electric cord flex
餐巾、擦嘴巾 napkin serviette
吸尘器 vacuum cleaner hoover
龙头 faucet tap
擦拭餐具的抹布 dish towel tea towel
罐头 can tin
罐头开启器 can opener tin opener
洗碗 do the dishes wash up
橱柜操作台面 counter worktop
垃圾桶 garbage can dustbin
茄子 eggplant aubergine
甜菜根 beet beetroot
green onion spring onion
西葫芦 zucchini courgette
土豆片 chips crisps
薯条 french fries chips
糖果 candy sweets
糖果店 candy store sweetshop
玉米 corn maize
果酱 jelly jam
饼干 cookie biscuit
天线 antenna aerial
(汽车)引擎盖 hood bonnet
(汽车后面的)行李箱 trunk boot
(汽车)手煞车 emergency break handbrake
汽车上的(挡风玻璃) windshield windscreen
长途汽车 bus coach
轮胎 tire tyre
卡车 truck lorry
汽油 gas; gasoline petrol
人行道 sidewalk pavement
十字路口 intersection crossroads
自行车道 bicycle road cycle road
天桥 overpass flyover
书店 bookstore bookshop
药店 drugstore chemist’s chemist
许可证 license licence
判决 judgement judgment
邮编 zip code postcode
假期 vacation holiday
中学 high school secondary school
秋天 fall autumn
足球 soccer football

I hope this list can help you have a glimpse of the difference between British English and American English.