Regional RPO Service Customized Recruiting Partner

YIM Human Capital is a customized recruiting solution agency for global clients. We support your global business expansion and increase per capital value through engaging with clients in recruiting, retaining and training employees into a workforce of high effectiveness and efficiency.

Talent researcher and consultants for Executive Search

Retained executive search is a specialized form of management consulting conducted through an exclusive engagement with a client organization. Its prime goal is to assist the client in identifying, recruiting and retaining senior executive talent.

Consultants for Selection & Customized RPO

We find talents in their respective professional functional area, including senior management executives, finance, marketing, technology, legal, customer services, operation, online marketing, technology, across an extensive range of industries, sectors and locations.

Service sharing Function

Customized recruiting is an integrated process which can significantly impact the lives of organizations and individuals. It relies upon mutual trust, confidence, cooperation and professional business practices among the clients, candidates and the YIM. To achieve an optimum result, the search process must be implemented with a consistent back-office services sharing and QA standards.


• YIM Human Capital is the recruiting professional in acquiring qualified, competent and skilled people. With extensive expertise and 100% commitment in global talent acquisition, we understand our clients and job applicant candidates truly.

• YIM brings opportunities to a better life for professional people. In assisting them to find a right fit employer in where they bring their full potential into play, thus transforming not only the life of an individual, but also improving the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization.

• As a recruiting professional, you are just doing such a meaningful mission with all your efforts every day at YIM Human Capital. You will engage into a series of training programs in practicing yourself into a fully recognized professional recruiter. We know that is not an easy task, but learning with your pragmatic acting day by day, your commitment and passion will lead your way forward. That is the most valuable assets you create at YIM Human Capital.

What is the recruiting professional at YIM Human Capital?

Every Consultant at YIM Human Capital, senior or new comer, is the home master of the Community of YIM Human Capital.

As a talent searcher, you are expected to manage your own client portfolio orderly and effectively, you will search and source the most suitable candidates.
As a consultant, You are encouraged to regarded yourself as entrepreneur of the YIM Human Capital, you are enjoyed a high degree of autonomy and self-management.

At YIM Human Capital, consultants are partnership with each other in consistent with the code of ethics and business operation standards of YIM Human Capital.
If you are such a candidate of highly engaged, dynamic, passionate and result-committed, can build and maintain a strong relationship with customers and across the business, you will have no limits but great potential to bring into a full play within YIM Human Capital and benefits greatly from your commitment.
Each day, amongst other assignments, you are likely to be engaged into the following programs as:

• Attracting talent through advertising campaigns
• Screening and interviewing candidates
• Attending promotional and networking events
• Business Development
• Presenting to Clients
• On-going management of client relationships

Through delivering a reliably professional human capital consultancy services in a complex context—both with candidates and clients, you will benefit greatly in sharpening your sales and consultancy skills, improving your commercial acumen and insights greatly.

Who will be the right fit candidates for team members at YIM Human Capital?
YIM offers interesting opportunities to youthful or experienced professionals looking to engage into the executive search. YIM is an attractive place to begin your career in talent acquisition and business consultancy.

We are always seeking candidates characterized by these traits:

—You are enterprising and persistent with strong expertise;

—-You are honest and reliable partner with an extensive and strong network of management relationships;

—- You are self-motivated with a proven ability to develop and follow up on client opportunities;

—-You have a comprehensive understanding of organization issues and the necessary appreciation for talent needs;

If you do not apply to the traits above-mentioned, but be a proven right candidate, contact our regional office administrator; If you are such a right fit candidate, send with your own CV and cover letter to [email protected] , we are ready for your engagement and commitment right here.