In the present era that economic globalization and rapid development of Internet, corporate website has gradually become an important window for the public in the business competition. CCJK will introduce the forefront conception of website design, sparing no effort to create a website for you that is compelling and accessible to business cooperation on the Internet.

A successful corporate website design needs a clear concept and a solution that the trade areas and business processes can be vividly expressed. This requires not only a skilled design team, but also a professional elite team who has deep understanding of business objectives and market demands.

CCJK design team is a group of experienced and professional design staffs; we can make the complex customer requirements into a simple solution, which is easier for you to imagine the shape of your website. Our go all out spirit as well as profession can provide you with a concise and comprehensive corporate website design solution, we hope that CCJK will be your best choice.

How to design corporate website

We will gradually understand your needs as well as meet your goals, our team will continue research in this process, which will eventually achieve a fully independent and customized solution for your reference, so that it can fit into your marketing and market demands.

Cases of Corporate Website Design

In the case of portfolio on our website, you can see our website design and development projects to the rest of the world, involving in various types of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Our corporate website design process is mainly about the following points:

1. Meeting the needs

2. Page layout and navigate

3. User experience

4. Search Engine Optimization

5. Web content management

6. Process management

CCJK design experts will provide you with a stylish and modern designation that can immediately attracts the attention of your customers, making your website into a unique and professional brand.

Corporate Website features

According to the needs of the current business environment, corporate website, as a portal to the public, needing to provide a strategic dialogue between corporate and the customer, so for the features of corporate website, it also needs a professional solution to support.

The following features are basic components of CCJK corporate website design and website development:

1. Blog: company blog provides the dialogue window with your potential partners and clients

2. Article Content Management: a website content management, content polymerization (RSS) systems.

3. Knowledge and Resource Center: allows the document published in various formats, including PDF documents, Word documents, CAD documents and other document formats.

4. Inside Website Search: visitors can quickly and easily find the needed information.

5. Online-Message: allows customers to fill out and submit the contact information and needs online.

6. Products: publish and demonstrate the latest products on the website.

7. Online payment: provide easy online products ordering and payment function.

The purpose of corporate website design

1. Establish a corporate image

2. Enhance website visibility

3. Improve the efficiency of website management

4. Reduce maintenance and operating costs

5. Increase ROI

6. Enhance customer satisfaction