With the development of science and technology, the computer becomes an important device in our daily life. You can find computers almost everywhere, such as in offices, in classrooms, etc. With its popularization and potential market prospect, many big companies dedicate to its research and development. So there is a potential business opportunity with regard to the translation service.

Hardware is an essential part of a computer. Its translation service also becomes an important ponit for its development process due to multilingual environment and fast information development. Therefore, PC hardware translation becomes a key part of science and technology translation. How to translate hardware components well, two ways can be followed.

On the one hand, begin to know this entity. It means to learn about computer hardware, i.e. its structure, components, functions of its parts, etc. For Chinese native speakers, we can learn above from some materials in Chinese. Those materials are not difficult to find, we can download them from internet or obtain them from operation manuals when we buy computers. Just learn more information about hardware from Chinese materials, and then its translation will become simple.

On the other hand, with the above solid knowledge, we know how to describe components of PC hardware in Chinese. It may become much easier to remember its vocabulary as these components may not strange to you. Here are some basic PC hardware vocabulary:

CPU:Central Processing Unit, 中央处理器

RAM:Random Access Memory, 随机存储器

ROM:Read-Only Memory, 只读存储器

EDO:Extended Data Output, 扩充数据输出

SDRAM:Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory, 同步动态随机存储器

CMOS:是Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor的缩写,含义为互补金属氧化物半导体(指互补金属氧化物半导体存储器)

PCI:Peripheral Component Interconnection, 局部总线

LD:Laser Disk, 镭射光盘

CD-ROM:Compact Disc-Read Only Memory, 压缩光盘-只读记忆(存储),又叫“只读光盘”。


For hardware translation, these words are essential part. So during daily translation, we should pay more attention to accumulate these words, so as to make our translation much easier.

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