Here is the big difference between low budget clients and big corporate clients: in most cases, the little guy is paying for the work out of his own pocket. He may be trying to start a business on the side and is dipping into his family’s savings to fund things.

Knowing that, it makes perfect sense when he nickel and dimes you. A big corporation, on the other hand, is just spending a budget that’s already been allocated to the project. It isn’t anyone’s personal cash, so they aren’t always so tight on the purse strings.

In my experience, the low budget client is always high maintenance. They want to meet and talk a lot, but don’t understand why that costs money. They ask for changes to things but complain when they get a bill.

They want to choose from services but don’t realize that everything is somewhat tied together. Here is a letter to be sent to our client to show our apology and sincerity for their misunderstanding.

Dear XXX,

I am so moved and appreciated your generous words. I really felt very sorry for the losses you shouldered. Undoubtedly, we are, in some degrees are responsible for it. However, please indeed refer to me if you come across other difficulties in managing the translation.

But on the other hand, we can get to know each other well through this cooperation. Objectively speaking, I think it is not fair to judge and deny our translation capacity only based on this translation.

This time, it is an exception. We shall never evade the responsibility by arguing a bulk of other excuses. It is always good to solve matters when finding out problems.

I really hope you that you can think about this issue in an objective way. I do not want to lose such a friend like you since we have had a happy communication those days. Maybe anyone shall make mistakes, but the most precious nature is to avoid the same issues happening again next time.

I am not sure whether I am able to persuade you eventually, but I really hope that we can actively hope for the future ,handing in hand brotherly and sisterly to help each other and strengthen on both. Saying is always easy than doing, I’d like to let my actions talk.

Taking into account of your extra costs, I think it is very reasonable that making a discount based on the extent where the translation has been done and edited by you. So how do you like it? we should have managed it if a little more time is allowed, but the fact is that it is very urgent.

Last, could you firstly send me the final translation which is edited and approved by you so that I can make a more fair discount for