Being a salesman, my job is to introduce our services to those potiential clients and then collaborate with them as the opportunity arrises. So my blog will mainly focuse on the exploring and maintainance of these oversea clients. Today I would like to share with you:

1. methods of exploring oversea clients.

How to get in touch with oversea clients effectively? The most common way is email marketing. The key of email marketing is to find directly the ones who need our sercives. CurrentIy I mainly focuse on contacting with oversea translation agencies. I sent out more than 200 emails daily to different clients.

The clients contact information is required in my database and through internet searching. My plan is to get those translation agencies contacts as many as possible in the following 3 months Only by doing this, can the clients know CCJK well then it would be possible for them to try our services.

During this period, patience and focuse will be the critical factors to accomplish the task .Then I will move into developing the direct customers. It is much more difficult of getting contacts information of direct customers than translation agencies. As it is hard to define direct clients. This process will last 6 months.

Calling is as important as emailing. As calling is based on email marketing.

2. As times goes by, more and more clients will know CCJK and collaborate with

CCJK. So the maintainance of these clients becomes crucial to the growth of CCJK. I would like to start the process from the first client. Regular follow up, CCJK’s newsletter sending, ect are good for keeping the good relationship with our clients.

Time will prove whether I am right about the strategic of exploring the clients.

Above will be the whole year working plan of exploring and maintainance of clients. Details will be regularly shown in my blog. Thanks for your time!