Several months ago, I saw a word in the signature of a friend’s msn: Geilivable. What is this? Due to the professional sensitivity, I looked up this word in PowerWord but can not find it. I ask my friend, what’s the meaning of it? She just chuckled but didn’t gibe me answer directly. Then I searched on Google, wow, I found it!

This is a China-made English word by wonderful talented netizen. Also, we have zhuangbility, geilivable, ungeilivable… These words are basically accord with English word-making rules. The only difference is: foreigners cannot understand!

Actually, geilivable is originally used in game DOTA players, used as a verb, meaning cheer or give strength or be energetic. Anyone who knows a little English should know geilivable is consisting with “geili” and “vable”.

The formal is the pinyin of Chinese character 给力, while the later is English adjective suffix. On the contrary, ungeilicable is 不给力, the negative of geilivable.

It’s very interesting, don’t you think so?

Internet vocabulary is more and more important in modern life. Still remember when words like cool first emerging? Nowadays, such words are quite common. And we encounter with more new words. Following just listed a few of them.

微博 Microblog

开博 to open a blog

山寨 copycat

异地恋 long-distance relationship

剩女 3S lady(single,seventies,stuck)/leftover girls

熟女 cougar

裸婚 naked wedding

炫富 flaunt wealth

团购 group buying

人肉搜索 flesh search

潮人 trendsetter

发烧友 fancier

骨感美女 boney beauty

卡奴 card slave

下午茶 high tea

愤青 young cynic

性感妈妈 yummy mummy

亚健康 sub-health

灵魂伴侣 soul mate

扫货 shopping spree

烟熏妆 smokey-eye make-up

水货 smuggled goods

纳米技术 nanotechnology

正妹 hotty

对某人念念不忘 get the hots for

草莓族 Strawberry generation

草根总统 grassroots president

笨手笨脚 have two left feet

拼车 car-pooling

小白脸 toy boy

精神出轨 soul infidelity

人肉搜索 flesh search

钻石王老五 diamond bachelor

时尚达人 fashion icon

御宅 otaku

橙色预警 orange signal warning

预约券 reservation ticket

上相的,上镜头的 photogenic

80后 post-80’s generation

90后 Post-90’s generation

百搭 all-match

限时抢购 flash sale

合租 flat-share

廉租房 low rent housing

限价房 capped-price housing

经适房 affordable housing

泡泡袜 loose socks

裸妆 nude look

黄牛票 scalped ticket

解除好友关系 unfriend v.

暴走 go ballistic

海外代购 overseas purchasing

跳槽 jump ship

刻不容缓,紧要关头 crunch time

乐活族 LOHAS(Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability)

一夜情 one-night stand

偶像派 idol type

脑残体 leetspeak

挑食者 picky-eater

伪球迷 fake fans

狂热的 gaga eg: I was gaga over his deep blue eyes when I first set eyes on him

防暑降温补贴 high temperature subsidy

奉子成婚 shotgun marriage

婚前性行为 premarital sex

闪婚 flash marriage

闪电约会 speeddating

闪电恋爱 whirlwind romance

房奴车奴 mortgage slave

上课开小差 zone out

万事通 know-it-all

赌球 soccer gambling

桑拿天 sauna weather

假发票 fake invoice

二房东 middleman landlord

笑料 laughing stock

泰国香米 Thai fragrant rice

学历造假 fabricate academic credentials

暗淡前景 bleak prospects

毕业典礼 commencement

散伙饭 farewell dinner

毕业旅行 after-graduation trip

节能高效的 fuel-efficient

具有时效性的 time-efficient

很想赢 be hungry for success

面子工程 face job

指甲油 nail varnish

学历门槛 academic threshold

王牌主播 mainstay TV host

招牌菜 signature dishes

城市热岛效应 urban heat island effect

逃学 play hooky

一线城市 first-tier cities

高考 the National College Entrance Examines

录取分数线 admission scores

保障性住房 indemnificatory housing

一决高下 Duke it out

囤积居奇 hoarding and profiteering

灰色市场 Grey market

反倾销 anti-dumping

吃白食的人 freeloader

公关 public relation

不幸的日子,不吉利的日子 black-letter day

吉利的日子 saints’ days

替罪羔羊 whipping boy

对口支援 partner assistance

电脑游戏迷 gamer

家庭主男 house-husband

小白脸 kept man

二奶 kept woman

麦霸 Mic king / Mic queen

型男 metrosexual man

新新人类 new-new generation

另类 offbeat

菜鸟 rookie

生手 greenhand

“色”友(摄影爱好者) shutterbug

驴友 tour pal

娘娘腔 sissy

负翁 spend-more-than-earn

全职妈妈 stay-at-home mom

裸奔 streaking