8th, July, 2011, CCJK news – Two members of Language Department, Tina Xu and James Liang, went to attend a meeting in Central Government Offices (West Wing), Hong Kong. One of our clients, AH editing, won a contract of article writing and translation from Business Facilitation Division of Hong Kong Government. CCJK will translate the articles into traditional Chinese.

Mike Poole (chief editor from AH editing), CHAN Wah-chan (head), Christie Lam (project officer) and Pinky LEE (chief management services officer) of Business Facilitation Division are present in this meeting.

According to CHAN, this project is about pain and gain of business facilitation. Several articles need to be written, covering various activities and initiatives, and will be printed in a range of publications, such as newsletter, business magazine and even local newspapers. Also, some interviews are required. As these articles are open to the public, thus they should be in very plain language, ensuring that everyone can understand.

“If you ask me which one should we put more weight on,” said CHAN, “I will say, we should put more weight on the public. You can think along of these.”

As for our translation, we should pay more attention to the meaning, avoiding word for word translation. This is a challenge for our translators and editors, but also a good chance to help our business in Hong Kong.