Summer Jasmine2

In this project, it’s really a tough and long process. I met several problems and get stuck many times. But I still precious this experience as I learned a lot from it.

As the design process finished, what really hard is the IT part. As I am not majored in IT and do not have enough knowledge on this field, it is a little difficult for me to explain our client’s needs and reply our It team’s feedback to the client. On this base, I need to spend more time than others to know the meaning of the two sides and communicate them together. So most of the time I cannot get the point punctually.

The second question is that I don’t know what the IT team need. When I tell the client what content we need to start the project, our client just start to make a start on the preparation. So we need to wait a long time before we start the work.

Such as: For the sound system we have done the discussion and found that the job is quite extensive. We need a clear explanation over the functions of the music player. So, we can give a confined timeline for that or find a way out to implement it.

The artist can make the loudspeaker but it will be time consuming it will take almost 2 days as it has to have the effects of the original material.

So maybe the client could detailed plans of the top, sides and front and also some pictures of other commercial loudspeakers so that we can know your preference.

And for E-commerce Platform, we can do the integration of the shopping cart. And if it is convenient to you, could you provide a domain name, a web hosting service and a payment gateway account you mentioned to me so that the plan can be chalked out.

For the Images: The artist tells me that hand of the girl model is not covered in the photo, the bag in the both images are not properly appearing.The aspect ratio of the model 13 image is disturbed,when try to cover the bag,it is not properly done so far.

The hand is cropped if you see the left side of the image. And for model 9, the strip is not shown completely. When the artist balance the image by show the picture above elbow the bag is also cropped.

The most important thing is the content, once content is ready we can bostup it.