About The Project

This is a domestic large B2BB2C electric business platform, the customer held public bidding activity across the whole country. As an ISO IT service company, we have PHP experts who are very skilled in B2BB2C electric business platform, so we grasp this opportunity and participate in the bid.

When we got the bidding documents, we first analysed requirements and we found that there were 10 functions need to be finalized, there are including:

1. Bank reconciliation system

That is after the transaction, all payment is remitted to Alipay or Tenpay account, then the businessman withdrawal the money, after that, we converted money to merchants in a specified time limit(Deducting poundage), so it is required that the website must have Day Statement System, in order to meet the demand of financial reconciliation, this reconciliation system according to financial need, can form the financial directly use the EXCEL document format.

2. Recharge and Withdrawal System

Buyers need to recharge on their own account system, in order to buy something. Merchants need to receive payment for withdrawal( real-time). Secondary development on security mechanism should be improved, need to add remind function( to the administrator).

3. Commodity type specification system

Commodity type: Veterinary medicine has its own properties, equipment has its own properties, to distinguish between them a property system should be built. Look at Taobao commodity data, a commodity has a lot of different specifications, each specifications for different prices, this is the very important point.

4. Membership accumulated points grade system

On the basis of the original membership information, we should more information such as add and collect, and also add grade system, different grade has different discount and activities privileges in the order and purchasing activities.

5. SMS gateway system

Website orders, processing, message notification etc modules must be used.

6. Authentication system

a) Authentication statistic

b) Authentication audit

c) The approved list

7. Shop decoration

Plans to expand into, map, pictures, logos, slogans, etc element

a) The template selection

b) Shop decoration

c) Shop information

8. Marketing System

a) Products Promotion

b) Order Promotion

c) Group-buying activities list

d) List of coupons

e) Coupons using records

f) Accumulate points exchange coupons

g) Promotion link outside website

9. Report System

a) Business running general situation

b) Accounts statistics

c) Sales revenue

d) Advance deposit statistical

e) Sales statistics

f) Online Shop sales situation

g) Products sales ranking

h) membership statistics

10. Express singles printing system

The sales should print the express documents according their orders, if the one day has more than 50 orders, it will cause trouble if sales manual processing. On the secondary development should add Express query functionality( API support)

In the bidding documents, we need to prepare our bidding proposal and development plan. Which refers to our next step, our solution for this project.

Our solution for B2BB2C ecommerce business platform design:

According to design requirements, we first analysis and provide our best proposal with price and developing cycle.

Because there are 10 functions need to be developed, for each module function, our PHP experts have a detailed plan and provide our best man days and labor cost.

According to this project, we expect to invest human resources as following:

Resource type No of resources
Project analysis engineer 1
Framework engineer 1
UI engineer 1
Front-end developer 2
Back-end developer 3
QA 2
Project manager 1

We will take part in their bidding meeting on March 12, our engineers have a detailed plan and they will further discuss with client after meeting, the client is looking forward to cooperating with us when they check our proposal.


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