For monthly project, both the consistency between different orders and the steady in quality are important. We use Trados 2011 to handle this kind of monthly project and update TM after the translation of every order. Glossary is also necessary in keeping consistency. Client offer a glossary form and our translators add new ones while translation is proceeding.

Details about the project:

1. Free Testing translation:

Situation: The project was about Christian and the volume was about 3,000 words per month. Client requested us to offer testing translation to check our quality and style. The procedures should be TEP (Translation + Editing + Proofreading). The most important thing was that the terms should be right.

Solution: We offer 3 (three) kind of translated files in different style handled by different translation teams. All the OK files were proofread by translators who were Christians. After checking the testing translation, client was satisfied with one of them and told us that the official orders in the future should be handled by the best team in testing translation.

2. Official orders:

Situation: One glossary form was offered with the first official order by client. Instructions were:

1) CAT Tool should be Trados 2007/2009/2011;

2) Delivery files include clean and unclean files, updated TM, Proofread files with tracking and X-Bench QA Form;


Firstly, our translator created new TM and handled the translation according to glossary offered by client and added new terms into the glossary form if needed. Secondly, our Project Manager imported the updated glossary form into X-Bench and then QA the unclean files delivered by the first translator. Thirdly, Project Manager sent QA Form and translated files to Editor.

Then, Editor checked all the problems in QA Form and then checked all the contents sentence by sentence compared with source file. Finally, Project Manager sent edited files to our proofreader. Proofreader shaped the whole document and smoothed the expression. Proofreader rechecked files with X-Bench for the second time after his proofreading and then delivered OK files and QA Form to Project Manager.

Project Manager handled basic formatting and number checking. Then OK files were sent to Account Manager. Account Manager checked for the last time and then delivered files to client.

About CCJK

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