Descriptions & Requirements:

The client has a web template that needs to be edited. He needs us to add some texts, links, and some images for their website. It is a Flash-based CMS. As it is new for us, so the client provides us the English version CMS manual on how to use.

The main purpose of this website is to display and offer the download link for their monthly InDaegu newspapers. And it needs to be updated every month. When editing the CMS system, we also will have to access to the support ticket system of the CMS developer, in case we meet some problems.

CCJK Solutions:

This kind of project is new to CCJK, we have never had experience in doing it. Therefore, CCJK assigned a very seasoned and professional website design engineer and programmer to commerce on this job. First of all, we need to study their CMS system, and then modify the content and functions step by step. During the process of doing this project, we meet some system problems that we cannot conquer, like the Google map cannot display in the version of the system, so we consult the CMS system developer and ask them for help. After update the version of the CMS system, it shows well.

Owing to the CMS flash restriction, we cannot upload larger than 2M PDF file to the CMS, but all the files that need to be uploaded are 6-8M. All of a sudden, our engineer has no idea about it. However, after second thinking, an ideal come into his mind: to substitute the fake for the genuine. That is to say, uploading the genuine PDF to their FTP, and then upload any PDF smaller than 2M to the CMS with the same name of the genuine PDF. This really works, and the PDF can be downloaded.

About CCJK

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