About the Project

The client requested us to proofread a Chinese project.

Volume: over 100 thousand words (7 batches in total, over 10 sdlxliff files for each batch)

Source language: Korean

Target language: Chinese Traditional

Tool: Trados 2011

Time: 7 working days


For this project, we came across following challenges:

1. The volume is large. Problem: It is difficult to keep consistence among batches and in the same batch.
2. Source language is Korean. Problem: Our proofreader is professional English to Chinese translator who doesn’t know Korean.
3. Tools problem: repetition segments cannot be changed automatically when we change the first segment of same content.

4. Time problem: 7 working days is a little short.

CCJK Solution

Our main task is polishing the translation and keep consistence. We choose excellent Chinese linguist. At the same time, we take the following actions to control quality:

1. There are two methods to resolve this problem:

1) Do Glossary Form when do proofreading. This Glossary Form is a little different from regular Glossary Form which includes source words and target words. However this Glossary Form only includes translator’s Chinese Simplified and proofreader’s Chinese Simplified.

NO. Original Chinese Proofreader’s Chinese
1 特殊技能 絕招
2 你的置物櫃太花了且太滿了 你的置物櫃時髦而又花裡胡哨

2) Taking use of QA tools, such as Xbench. It can check out the inconsistent problems, number, date and other problems.

2. These files have been dealt by two steps translation and editing. Therefore, most of them have no wrong translation or lost translation. Our client only asks us to read Chinese and polishing it. It is not necessary to know Korean.

However, sometimes it is difficult to understand translation text’s meaning. Then our proofreader would search Korean words’ meaning in Internet, and also sometimes submitted query log to our client.

3. We do proofreading strictly. The proofreader read sentence one by one. Besides, she would use Xbench to check consistence before delivery.

4. It is an urgent project. There are only 7 working days. In order to deliver project before deadline, our proofreader still deal with this project in the weekend.


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