Case study:Translation and voice over recording of four languages (French, Japanese, Korean and Chinese)

ABOUT the product

Smooth & Handsome is the main product of our client, just as it the name suggests that it is a newly developed shampoo which could efficiently soften/tame and improve qualities of hair for people whose hair are matted, due to lacking of nutrition or some other reasons.

Descriptions & Requirements:
The client is in need of a professional and qualified team to translate the promotion materials and do voice over for it .both of the two part work must maintain the intents of the material in the original language, which would like to make their target consumers know.

CCJK Solutions,

1, We have assigned the most seasoned translators who have abundances of experience of commercial translation in all four target languages: French, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. To translate some special phrases or sentences which imply the function after using the products in the most proper way, they have studied the product very carefully before they started to translate.

And initial translator, editor and proofreader have several discussions on the selection of usage of words. Then it came to the script which is the first and also most important preparation for the next step work: voiceover/dubbing recording.

2, finding the best dubbing actors whose voices fit the age and any other character settings of the actor in the commercial is a vital work for the recording. We have spent several days to carefully select the best voiceover talents for this project in our human resource database.

3, editing video is the last step for this project. The human voices needed to be synchronized with the video. The audio needed to be worked in a way that when someone is speaking. We edit these videos according to our client’s instructions and send several sample videos for check the modified them according to the client’s specific requirements later.


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