After leaving from that mysterious country – Cambodia, I always want to write down something, recording those foreign aesthetic, getting others know about it and its people. But, when I come to do it, I actually do not know what I should do, because there are so many wonderful places, meaningful things, and interesting people. I really do not know where to get start it.

Sure, comparing to other better developed countries, it is not rich. There are not so many skyscrapers or high buildings. But, can you find out something interesting? There, you can only find cars, motorbikes and walking people on the street.

So, the traffic is barely looked as busy as the case in many developed countries (often happened traffic jam). With palms standing along the roads, rivers or anywhere, it is really a unique picture on this world. Through the clean air, without pollution due to few heavy industries, and blue sky, you can find out those clean smiles on the faces of people around. That is a kind of feeling called harmony and peace.

Feel thirsty? Why not drink a coconut! It does not cool your body, but also supply you with energy. Besides, it is far more clean and edible than those soft drinks you bought from a convenience store. It is only 1500-3000 riel (=0.375-0.75$) for one. That is my favorite!

In the northeast part of its capital city Phnom Penh, there is a beautiful place, called Wat Phnom. From its name, you can easily guess and it is indeed that the city Phnom Penh is named after the place. According to a legend, there is a lady floating in the flood to this place in the ancient times, and she picked up a figure of Bhuda here.

Then, she enshrined it on the hill. Later, a temple is built. And gradually a busy town is developed just like what we see today. That is the city Phnom Penh. The temple tower is as high as one hundred meters, with the figure of the said lady is placed in.

Now the Wat Phnom has been the landmark of the capital city. Local people and visitors crow around here. Some people are playing shuttlecock on the green ground. On the picture above, you can see, there is a big “clock” lying on the green grass with three long wooden arms showing the time.

Here is the picture of the Independence Monument. It is located in the center of Phnom Penh city. Built in 1953 for getting away from the French colonial ruling and regaining independence completely, it is 37 meters high with 7 layers. It is now a great place for political activities.

On great festivals, royal families or government officials will send representatives here or personally to hold celebrations. Besides, visiting foreign country leaders always come to here lay a wreath.

This is the Royal Palace. It is with a traditional Khmer architectural style and religious color. If you have been arrived Thailand, you will find the similarity. All houses have spires on the top which is on behalf of prosperity according to the Cambodia people.

The bodies of houses are all coated with yellow and white color, the white representing for Buddhism, the yellow for the Brahmans. Temples built in this style can be seen every place of this county. Amazingly, the current king of Cambodia is still living in the palace, but in a zone separating from the visiting open zones. What more amazing things are there? You need to know it by other ways. Because I cannot tell them all! It is really an unforgettable visiting experience.

If you want visit Cambodia, you can never forget to visit the famous Angkor Wat. It is the largest Hindu temple complex in the world.

Angkor Wat is located in the Siem Reap Province, northwest of Cambodia. Each day, tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world came to visit this famous and beautiful place. This picture has been made all kinds of printings pasted on personal housings, photo frames and so on in every place across the world.

And, if you have seen a Cambodia national flag, you can find something. Are you? Why is it so remarkable? You can tell! I have visited there for three times. But, every time, the feeling and scenes are different! More detailed descriptions, you can search out everywhere. But, the best way to know it is through your own experience.

(To be continued)