To provide best service for our clients, we always keep this tenet in mind when managing projects. How to meet all the demands of our clients? Surely, the quality is of paramount importance. In order to ensure the quality, we are strict with every step: pre-translation, editing, proofreading, typesetting etc, try our best to satisfy our clients.

But sometimes, for some reason, maybe due to different understanding, still some problems may come out, maybe our client will complaint, then what should we do in this situation, how to solve the problem?

Firstly, we should know the complaint is not horrible, the process of handling the complaint is also a bridge to build a loyal relationship between client and us, as long as we can figure out the problem finally, to achieve mutually success, the barrier during the process is worthwhile.

After several feedbacks and solutions, I think we will get to know the clients’ demands more and more clearly, and become tacit so that we can build a long term relationship.

When we deal with the problem, we should listen carefully, find out where the diverge exists. What the client want us to do. perhaps, not all complaints are proved to be correct. However, before the advent of explicit negative evidence, we should deem all the complaints are reasonable.

Once we assure the problem, take action immediately, tell our customer what will us do to solve it. The prompt reply is very important, sometimes, the files are urgently needed for client, we should fix as soon as we can. When we are unable to resolve complaints on the spot, we should tell the customer how we plan to act, which can indicate that we are taking corrective measures now, but also let them know the exact schedule. Since uncertainty leads to anxiety and tension, if knowing the current situation and receiving regular progress reports, our client will be easier to accept deferred processing.

After resolving the problem this time, we should summarize, like why did the problem happened, how we handled, what can we learn from the issue, what should we do next time. Anyway, we have to ensure no more the same problem comes out.

I think through unremitting efforts and sincere attitude, we can regain customer friendliness and trust when customers are dissatisfied, we can restore their confidence and to keep this relationship for the future, which need us to convince our client that we are taking actions to avoid problems from happening again. I believe outstanding remedial work will also help to build customer loyalty and promote our service.