BroadLink 的最初定位是专门给企业提供智能化交钥匙解决方案,也就是说,厂商只要将电控等做到极致,给留一个接口,会打包帮其实现智能化,后面的云服务、APP 都是免费的。

BroadLink’s initial marketing position is specifically providing intelligent “turn-key” solutions for enterprises. With the intelligent solution, manufacturers only need to do electronic control well and leave an interface to be packaged for intelligent management and the subsequent Cloud Service and APP are all free.

对 BroadLink 而言,比较有利的一点是它不仅自己专门针对自己推出的硬件产品开发 APP,而且,很多合作厂家的 APP 也是由他们开发的。也就是说,所有这些厂家的产品都是由 BroadLink 做整体解决方案的,所以不同厂家设备之间其实是基于一套天然互联互通的架构纸上的,既可以在 BroadLink 的 APP 里调用他们的设备,也可以在他们的 APP 里调用 BroadLink 的设备。在这个基础上,在云服务和超级 APP 等方面, BroadLink 进行与 360、京东这些提供具体云服务和应用层服务的互联网企业合作。

For BroadLink, one advantage is that it develops APP not only for hardware products launched by itself but also for those by the co-manufacturers. That is to say, BroadLink offers integrated solutions for all manufacturers’ products, so different manufacturers’ devices are all based on a naturally-interconnected system architecture. These manufacturers can invoke their devices from BroadLink’s APP and can also invoke BroadLink’s devices from their own APP. Given this, on Cloud Service and Super APP, BroadLink cooperates with Internet enterprises like 360 and Jindong Mall which offer Cloud Service and application layer service.

From: The Cyzone

Translated by Cathy, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd.