All the time, tourism has been regarded as the never-declining industry of economy world-widely. At the same time, China tourism has developed quickly for these years, especially after 1978 due to the state’s policy of economy reformation and opening. Today China has already become one of the most popular tourist destinations and one of the most leading countries of world tourism industry.

Although, not all of these foreign tourists come from English-speaking countries, but as a world’s lingua franca, English has become one of the most important communication tools and medium in the international tourism industry. Therefore, this particular style, tourism English has begun popular in the tourist industry of China, and also become one of the essential factors for tourism development.

Many students who major in tourism English is in the course of learning Tourism English, a large part of tourism practitioners have also begun to learn English, and in order to provide better services to foreign tourists, more and more Chinese travel materials have been translated into English.

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However, because of the particularity of tourism English as well as the differences between Chinese and English language manners which results from the cultural differences between and China, it is not easy to do a good job for tourism English, many of the problems appeared in the process of the English translation.

In today’s international societies, English has becomes a global language and medium used by people all over the world for communication, it is also used by people who are engaged in the international businesses. As to the tourism industry, it is in no exception.

Since China has been recognized as approved tourism destination by a lot of the countries world-widely, more and more foreign tourists come to China for a visit, at the same time, tourism English becomes more and more necessary and booming in China.

From airport to hotel and restaurant, from travel agency to tourist spot, English is used whenever a foreign tourist is received. In most cases, English is one of the most important medium in international tourism activities.

So I’d like to talk about my opinions about it and provide some tourism translation skills in dealing with specific problems in tourism English translation later.

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