To let our client be satisfied with our translation service, not only the high-quality translation should be promised, but also kindly comments to feedback of any other projects. As to top quality translation means that those good and professional translators and editors definitely are involved in the process.

To achieve and prefect this process, we, project managers, play an important role during assigning the projects to our translator. Let us take a brief look at the workflow of PM.

Generally, there are 3 processes of assigning the projects for us, they are before getting the project, handling the project and after the project-finished.

When we get the email containing details of the projects, we will read the instructions carefully. As to those projects with the word count exceeding 50,000, we will have a meeting with our translators and other project managers to study the project to assure it will go on smoothly. On one hand we will choose the most experienced and professional translators according the specialty of the jobs.

For example, as to the telecommunications files, we absolutely let our translators and editors who have at least 5+ years experience in translating field and own the related telecommunications background knowledge. For any language pair, we will definitely get the native speakers involved to guarantee the accuracy as much as possible.

On the other hand, we will make a checklist on the basis of the every project to make sure everything will be fine and fit for our client’s requirement. If the TM (word bench) is provided by our client, we will follow the TM strictly to keep the sentence consistent. If not, we will build a new TM for archive to make sure the next projects will be in accordance with the last one.

Meanwhile, Glossary will also be created to let the phrases accordant. After finishing the projects, we will update the terms, specified phrases and the words which occur frequently in the text to let the glossary be the most new one. With these 3 elements, the translation will be almost getting reach to 100% high-quality.

After getting prepared for the coming projects well, what project manger does is to supervise the process. When we assign the files to our translator, we will usually offer the Query file to them. Query file is used for eliminate any questions come across during the translation.

Should there be any doubts, questions, discrepancy or unclear meanings in the translating, translator will write them in the file and give their suggestions. And we will send it to our client to get the reply assuring the accuracy as 100% as possible. Below are the template of a query file.

By receiving the edited file from our editors and proofreaders, we will make a QA which involved the tools like Xbench. Xbench is also to assure the consistency of translation and to avoid the missed translation, wrong match and some low grade mistakes.

The perfect work could be sent to our clients after a strictly TEP process (translating, editing and proofreading).

Because of the particularity of every job, feedback always be got involved from our client, like manuals which will be updated time to time. So we should archive the files well so that we will find them easily. Usually, there are 6 file folders: source—translated—edited—proofread—target—feedback. With clear folder name, it will be much easier for us to let the feedback going well.