Georgian Translation Services

The Georgian language is the official language Georgia, a country in the Caucasus. Besides about 4 million speakers in Georgia, there are about 500,000 Georgian speakers outside Georgia: part of Azerbaijan, the North-east of the Turkey and some places in Russia (about 3.25 million speakers).
The dialects of Georgian language can be divided to: Imeretian, Racha-Lechkhumian, Gurian, Adjarian, Imerkhevian (in Turkey), Kartlian, Kakhetian, Ingilo (in Azerbaijan), Tush, Khevsur, Mokhevian, Pshavian, Fereydan dialect in Iran in Fereydunshahr and Fereydan, Mtiuletian, Meskhetian.
With positive developments in early 21st century, Georgia is getting much more integrated into the global trading. Its main imports are natural gas, oil products, machinery and parts and transport equipment. Georgia’s industry is very successful in manganese mining. And tourism becomes a significant part of the economy of this country.
Ccjk with a professional translation team can provide quality translation for customers. Our project managers will follow your translation project through, from translation to editing to proofreading. As for software, website and phone app localization, we have skilled and experienced engineers to test. Also we can help design your new website.
We can provide one-stop service: preparation before translation (such as text extract from the software), translation and pour the target language back to the source without changing its format and style. And we can provide typesetting service at your desire. Actually you just need to send us your project, and we’ll get back with quality localized project at an affordable price.
And we are specialized in IT, telecommunication, engineer, tourism and medical translation service.
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