The nature of blog marketing

Blog is one of the most web applications in recent years. It is said that there are tens of millions blog writters in China. In a way, anyone who has not started to use the method of blog marketing, he cannot be said to a good salesman on the internet.

Everyone has his or her own opinions about blog marketing. Then how can blgo marketing help to improve the promotion of the company. Different people have different opinions.

Blog and blog marketing

To know what’s blog marketing, one should know what’s blog firstly.

In short, blog is the website in the form of diary. The first name of blog is weblog, consisting the two words of web and loh. According the word translation, it is web article. Later on, someone who is interested in creating new words changed the pronounciation of the word. It is read to be we blog. Thus, the word of blog is created.

Blog is the diary written on the web, some with the characteristic of normal diary. For example, the text is accorrding to time., while it is differnet from the diary written on the notebook. The latest blog will rank in the front and older one would rank in the back.

Blog has its own time list, which is listed in the side column. The reader can click and check the former articles.

In addtion, the side colums also have its subject category, label category. So blog is a very felxible website system. The same article would appear in different categories of time, label,subject and even the homepage of time ranking.

The other characteristic of blog is RSS subscribition. The reader can use their RSS reader software to subscribe the blog instead of looking for the posts on the website blog. RSS is the characteristic of web2.0. There are lots of websites with the function of “RSS subscribtion”, but the most widely used RSS subscribtion is blog.

Accordingly, blog marketing means using the blog to promote yourself or your company. Blog marketing here means publishing original blog, establish the authority and then motivate the user to buy.

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There are lots of so-called blog marketing, while I do not think it is blog marketing. For example,some people think blog marketing is to register many blog accounts in many free blog hosting servers’ website. The same blog published on the hosting blog platform.

Some articles are even copied or transferred with the purpose of having some outside links from these blogs to promote his/her website. I do not think this should be the blog marketing. I think this is the methods to build outside links in grey methods.

Some people think that blog marketing is the compan recruit some blog writters to write blog articles, comment the company products and publish in his/her own blog. Some blog hosting server provides such kind of service, which is called paid blog. I do not thiink this blog marketing will rather think it is to put the advertisements on the blogs.

The true blog marketing is using original and professional content to attract the readers, develop some loyal readers, build the trustee, authority, form personal brand and then motivate the reders to but products.

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