Bird is big branch of animal, which dated much more longer ago than human being. Birds are favorite subjects for photographers around the world. Many people overestimated the difficulty of bird photography, actually it is not that difficult to shoot bird photos that worth saving. Do you really need those huge telephoto lenses to capture any image? Eh, not really, but what you do need is to be patient, get your plans before begin the process of shooting and get down to practice.

Most bird photos are just much more dramatic when the photographer gets close to filling the frame with the bird. You don’t always have to carry huge lenses, physically approaching this lovely little creature is one of the way. If you are planning to take some photos of those common birds which usually hang out around where people live, well that is a lot easier than those live far inside large forests or fly along the coast of the Pacific, what you must own is to be patient. Once ever I took a picture of sparrow, first I made clear of what kind of food they feed on, then I prepared some at the place that I want it to be to fill my frame. Not too long, there came one, two, a bunch.

There was another time that I was about to shoot some swallow pictures. Swallows usually build their caves in the upper corner of a living room of a house in the countryside. These little “gentlemen” wearing lovely scissor tails are very scary of people, so you are not able to get real close. I put my cam near its little house with a long wiring that controls the shutter release button, of course you had to focus first and keep the flash shut down for not scaring them. Later that day I captured a lot of images showing their baby swallow how to eat worms from their mother.

In many situations you can stay in a car to complete a image. Bird usually are so used to cars that they will pay little attention to them. If you shoot behind the glass, you need to pay attention to the part that not flat, for that makes distortion of the image depending on the quality of the glass.

If you are trying to get closer, a blind will be good solution. Don’t walk directly to them but in a wandering way so they won’t take you as a predator. The aim of this way is to place the object to a less important location in an image. Therefore it is important to avoid strong foreground objects placed at those points unless the photographer wants them to be a main focal point of the image. What’ more do not look at them directly, use your peripheral vision and approach at an angle you can greatly reduce your threat profile.

One more thing, you got to watch out for background clutter. If the photo includes manmade items in the background, it can be very confusing. House, car, road, poles, building and people in the background can be distracting at times. The best way to avoid background clutter is to control you composition and aperture. By blurring your background you can turn most cluttered backgrounds into a pleasuring blur of color.