I believe the quality is the most important for translation work, but the good quality doesn’t only mean very professional knowledge, it also includes many other factors, a good job is completed under many important steps.

1. Careful. Before you start the work, you should know what to do and how to do it. You should read the client’s instruction carefully and do as required. If you’re not sure, please ask someone else for explanation.

Do not do it without reading the requirements. Actually, I have encountered several similar things in my recent work. One online translation job, the requirement is to translate from English to Simplified Chinese, but when you log in, the page is for Russian and you need to select the language to be Simplified Chinese.

The translator didn’t notice this and she did the translation in the page for Russian. Also, some people didn’t read the requirements and when she delivered the translated the file, it would be found not correct and need to be made the revision accordingly, this would take more time and energy.

If these errors were found before delivering to the client, then you could make remedial measure. But if these errors were delivered to the client, that’s would be awkward and would leave bad impression on the client. On the contrary, if you are careful enough, this would help you to complete the job efficiently and better.

2. Responsible. Once we got this job, we should be responsible for it, we should consider how to do it well and make the client satisfied. As a PM, there’re many unexpected things to be solved. Such as the file which was used tool could not be cleaned, the translator did not deliver the translation on time, the job is very urgent and you need to overwork too late.

Sometimes, we’ll feel dysphoric, but we should always keep this in mind: we have promised to the client that we could do the job good and fast, so we should be responsible for what you promised. Then you would try your best and make all your efforts.

3. Patient. Sometimes the client doesn’t provide clear instruction or there are many requirements, this will need us to be patient to do the things one by one. We should calm down and always take the customer’s requirement to be first thing. Also, we can help the client to analyze this project and try ways to complete it better. When the client feel satisfied, you will feel everything deserved.