As the coordinator in these days, because of lacking the qualified editor to handle some projects, and I would have to ask some freshmen who have actual work experience before to deal with some small projects, just about 200 words or even just dozens of words, while reviewing some of the returned translation from them, I think the translations could be do better, to eliminate some unexpected minor errors in the translation would be good.

Here I’d like to list some of the example:

Example 1: Kensington Security Standard connector

(Original Translation): Kensington 保安标准安全器

(Updated Translation): Kensington 安全标准安全器

In the above example, I don’t think it is acceptable to translate ‘security’ as ‘保安’. To use ‘安全’ would be better.

Example 2: CompTIA IT for Sales exam retires on December 31, 2013

(Original Translation) : CompTIA Green IT 销售考试于 2013 年 11 月 31 日截止

(Updated Translation) : CompTIA IT 销售考试于 2013 年 11 月 31 日截止

In this example, there is extra word ‘Green’ in the original translation, in order to comply with the source, need to delete it.

Example 3: A Chimp Run Free

(Original Translation): 黑猩猩自由蹦跑

(Updated Translation): 黑猩猩自由奔跑

For this example, the translator made the minor error in the translation, ‘蹦跑’ should be ‘奔跑’.

For the above these examples, the translators all made the unnecessary minor error in their respective translation, actually, we all could avoid these mistakes. To become a qualified editor, should be bear in the mind to keep careful for the translation, there is no wrong written, there is also no the format mistake, eg., wrong font, wrong font size, font format etc.

Except these minor errors, also make sure all the sentences would be translated correctly, without any wrong understanding problem, and also need to ensure the translation is readable for the native reader, it is also very important.

To complete editing one translated document by the translator, editor should be patient and careful to handle every sentence in the whole document, to contrast the context, to use the appropriate word in the target language as possible as he/she could.

Hope every the translator would become a qualified editor in the company. Not only need to accumulate the experience constantly in the actual work, but also need to find the shortcoming in own work, and would try best to improve own shortcoming as possible as you could.

I believe in every translator would become one qualified editor just he/she would like to improve himself/herself in the work, let’s everyone to work hard for your goal.