I used to think a question, we learned the English for more than ten years, but the level is not better than a 10 years older native speaker child. What reason causes this gap.

Maybe we will think English is their mother tongue. it is sure they have the better level. But I think the reason lies in if we can apply the language ambience at any time.

We are in the process of globalization, to create an English learning environment actually is not so difficult.

Firstly, we can practice listening as long as we have spare time. Listening, speaking, reading, writing, the four aspects have close connection with each other.

If we want to speak freely, we need to listen more. Likewise, if we want to own a better listening ability, we must speak as much as we can. I believe you must have this kind of experience: when you go shopping in the malls, supermarkets, there always play some songs repeatly, in order to create a pleasant atmosphere. Many of these songs you are never hear before.

But after you finished the purchase and got home, these unknown songs would slip out from your mouth subconsciously. Let’s take a deep consideration, these songs we did not seriously study melody, lyrics, but we learned these songs easily. This thanks to the extensive listening. The “extensive listening” lies in no matter if you can understand or not, just listen as long as you get the free time. So speaking English is also the same principium.

Nowadays, English movies, American TV, radio programs, TV channels, English songs are full of our lives; the forces of globalization are everywhere, which makes our spoken language learning becomes more convenient.

To develop a good habit of extensive listening practice is very simple, many students like to watch movies, or American TV, but we just finished the watching process with the help of subtitles, then no longer interested, we should know the film is good resource for practice.

We can play the movie video when we arrange the housework. We can regard the listening as background music. In this way, we will easily understand the movie after many times listening practice. And then we can speak out easily.

Secondly, we should learn and use the language at any time as we can.

Actually, we rarely take the chance to speak English, but the native English speaker who are actively use English in the daily life since they were born, this is the difference exists. But we are in China, how to find the places to speak English.

How can we take the initiative to use it? I think we can try to make English language become part of our life. Look around our live environment, try to find the places we can learn.

Many companies’ tablets are written in both English and Chinese. And when we are shopping in the mall, we can find some words in the packing, like handkerchief nutrition、energy、protein、carbohydrate、calorie.

These are commonly used in daily life, maybe we can take a notebook to record at any time, which will make a deep impression, and increase our vocabulary, and saves not only time but also improve the memory and form a long-term record in our brain. If we can observe these details, we will find many words around our life are we’ve learned before.

In a word, as long as we can notice and take every learning and practice opportunity, one day we will reach the level we want.