What is DTP?

DTP, the abbreviation for Desktop Publishing, is one of the most important components of localization. DTP in general refers to make text editing, layout, graphic and image processing by computer system and complete the typeset in line with publishing requirement.

For DTP in localization refers to make re-layout according to one or more target languages based on original document (such as operation manual, catalog, and leaflet) in one kind of language to get different languages document.

The task of localization DTP is to finish the layout, graphic and image processing of target language in the basic of all kinds of source language document

The general principle of localization DTP is to keep the consistency between source and target in layout, design style… However different language has its own distinguishing feature, it is necessary to fully consider the different layout habits and professional requirement of different languages.

The common used DTP software:

FrameMaker、QuarkXpress (compatible in Mac)、InDesign (compatible in Mac)、Word (compatible in Mac)

The common used graphic and image processing software:


Common file format

1 compressed file

File extension Description Application software
.sit,sitx compressed file in Mac OS Stufflt
.zip compressed file in Windows & mac Winzip
.rar compressed file in Windows WinRAR

2 typesetting file

File extension Description Application software
.fm FrameMaker file FrameMaker
.bk,.book Book file for FrameMaker FrameMaker
.mif Interchange file for FrameMaker FrameMaker
.qxp Quark file QuarkXpress
.indd InDesign file InDesign
.inx Interchange file for InDesign InDesign
.indb Book file for InDesign InDesign
.isc Exported text file with tags by Trados Story Collector for InDesign
.doc Word file Word
.rtf Rich Text Format, mostly used for exchange of text, most of word processing and typesetting software supports the import and export of .rtf file

3 graphic and image file

File extension Description Application software
.ai Illustrator file Illustrator
.eps The most popular graphic file format, most of graphic software supports to export .eps files, meanwhile most of DTP tool also supports to import.eps files
.cdr Corel Draw file Corel Draw
.psd Photoshop image file Photoshop
.tif The most popular image file format, it can be got by scanning and edit by Photoshop
Other graphic and image file format: .jpg, gif, .png, .bmp…

4 Font file

File extension Description
.ttf TrueType font
.otf OpenType font
.pfm PostScript Type 1 font file

Work flow for DTP job

Basic flow:

Source file checking–àtypest-àlanguage QA—->DTP QA-àdelivery-àclient feedback-à implement feedback-àdeliver final set of files.

If necessary, you can make several rounds of QA to make sure error-free deliverables.