We can see different kinds of people in a company; every one of them possesses his/her own attitude. Some are industrious and progressive, they become core workers and are valued by the boss; some are leisurely and carefree, they are just muddling along; some are full of grumbles, they always think they are distinctive, but get nothing in the end.

It is widely known that talents of most people are almost of the same level, except for a few great geniuses. Then, what makes people behave so differently and get different results? The answer is attitude!

A philosopher once said that all the abilities of our life go after attitude. Under the motivation of attitude – the inner strength, we often can inspire the unlimited potential out of ourselves; and if the potential is used correctly in our life, study and work, the results will be so much better than what we expected.

I hear someone says that, even if we would lose everything in the end, at least we live with earnest attitude towards life. Indeed, good/positive attitude is the cornerstone of your success; it is always bearing the ability and can be the ability navigator forever.

Good/positive attitude will allow us to view challenges as opportunities rather than threats. People with negative attitudes think, “I can’t…” or “I doubt…” In contrast, each time people act from a positive attitude, their self-confidence is enhanced, their ability to achieve is proven, and they know they can succeed.

There was a well-known and legendary coach inAmerica- John Robert Wooden. He won ten NCAA national championships in a 12-year period—seven in a row—as head coach at UniversityofCalifornia-Los Angeles. With so glorious achievements, Wooden has been acknowledged as one of the most successful basketball coaches ever.

The secret of his success is keeping a positive and persistent attitude, according to him. Every night before he slept, he told himself that “I did very well today, and will do better tomorrow!” and he sticked to his words for 20 years! He said that no matter he felt joyful or sad, opportunities were always there in his life and they would not change in accordance with his joyful or sad feelings.

As long as he faced big and small issues everyday with positive attitude, he could grasp them and thus inspire more potential strength. It can be seen that the positive life attitude gives Wooden passion for life and motivation for work, and also makes him harvest both success and a healthy life style.

As an old saying goes, there is nothing in the world that cannot be done for those who are really resolved. No matter what you do, you need to have a good attitude first; as with good attitude, you’ll show great passion, enthusiasm and energy to your work, to other people and to yourself; with great work attitude, you’ll no longer fear failure, or lose heart facing setbacks, but will confront the life with courage; and it will be easier for you to be successful in career and life.

Finally, I would like to share with you the following words as our encouragement:

“Attitude decides everything and let’s do our personal best!”

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