Arabic language has had a multitude of impacts and no one can deny the influence that the language has had on just about every aspect of the modern world. Arabic is a beautiful creation that has gained awesome power over the years. Almost all translation junkies are in love with the language simply because of some intriguing and amazing facts about Arabic that few people know.

The Arabic Alphabet

The Arabic language generally comprises of 28 letters in the Arabic alphabet, but additional letters are regularly added when there are phonics which can’t be imitated in Arabic, especially in foreign names and words. The letters ‘p’ and ‘g’ are good examples of sounds which cannot be replicated in Arabic which highlights how adaptive and open Arabic tends to be.

Unlike English Arabic is written from right to left. Arabic is actually bi-directional, and when English words are comprised in a sentence it shifts to left-to-right, then back again? Cool, eh!

Arabic Numerals

Arabs came up with numbers and English borrowed numerals from the Arabic language which is why they are referred to as ‘Arabic Numerals’ in English. However they are called ‘Indian Numbers’ in Arabic Countries.

Arabic Writing

Arabic language has no structure of capitalization letters, it uses quotes to indicate the commencement of a sentence in an Arabic text. Arabic letters are often connected, but can also be written distinctly from each other, and their shape alters under certain conditions, like their situation in a word. This has defied anyone trying to learn Arabic for years!

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Arabic Borrowing

Many people study Arabic believing it is the most elusive language in the world, partly because it has so actively borrowed words and continuously creates new ones, giving writers working in Arabic an extremely detailed control over the connotation of what they’re trying to say. In Arabic you don’t have to depend on multiple metaphors to get your meaning through – there is almost definitely an exact word which will mean exactly what you’re trying to say.

Arabic is a beautiful language, and contains within it centuries of history and cultural development.

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