Life is not a bed of roses. It sometimes would make us cry. Sometimes we feel like laughing from the bottom of our hearts. It means that laughs and cries are two indispensable elements in our journey.

And no matter whether we laugh or cry, there are so many kinds of expressions. Accordingly, we need to have so many words or phrase to decribe these subjects in our life.

Different kinds of laughs:

1. 窃笑 snicker

To utter a partly stifled laugh


eg. I have seen the eternal Footman hold my coat, and snicker


2. 傻笑/假笑 smirk

To smile in an affected, often offensively self-satisfied manner.


eg. The old libertine looked with a knowing smirk at the beautiful young woman.


3. 苦笑 smile bitterly

4. 咯咯地笑 giggle

5. 咧嘴而笑 grin

a broad smile that exposes the teeth; often it is a spontaneous expression of mirth, good humor, approval, or triumph

一种面积较大的微笑,露出牙齿; 通常它表示一种自然的欢乐、心情愉快、同意或胜利的感情

eg. And he owned with a grin,/That his favorite sin/Is pride that apes humility.


6. 傻乎乎的微笑 simper

a silly, self-conscious, often coy smile

一种傻乎乎,难为情, 通常是羞答答的微笑

eg. The model looked at her reflection in the mirror with an idiotic simper.


7. 轻声笑/咯咯笑 chuckle

8. 强作欢颜 force a smile

9. 一笑而过 laugh it off

10. 展颜微笑/莞尔一笑 crack a smile

11. 谄笑,谄媚的笑 saccharine smile

Different kinds of cries:

1. 哭泣 weep

eg. She wept herself into a state of exhaustion.


2. 呜咽 sob

describes weeping or a mixture of broken speech and weeping marked by convulsive breathing or gasping


eg. sobbing and crying, and wringing her hands as if her heart would break


3. 抽咽,抽噎 sniffle

To weep or whimper lightly with spasmodic congestion of the nose.


4. 哭泣 snivel

To complain or whine tearfully.


5. 哭泣,哽咽 moan

6. 嚎啕大哭,哭泣 blubber

refers to noisy, unrestrained shedding of tears accompanied by broken or inarticulate speech


eg. He blubbered like a child who had been spanked.


7. 嚎啕大哭 howl

8. 哭泣 yammer

To complain peevishly or whimperingly; whine.


9. 哀哭 whine

To utter a plaintive, high-pitched, protracted sound, as in pain, fear, supplication, or complaint.


10. 哀号,恸哭 wail

refers primarily to sustained, inarticulate mournful sound


eg. The women . . . began to wail together;they mourned with shrill cries.


11. 喜极而泣 Tears of joy; cry with joy

12. 失声痛哭 Burst out weeping

13. 泣不成声 Choke with sobs