Two months ago, administrative Management was very strange to me and I just heard something from someone around, actually i do not know what’s it and what should be done about this in a company. Now though I have done something about it for nearly two months, i am just an administrative assistant, here i just talk about my thought concluded from my working experience.

I saw some definition from net like“Administrative management is about managing information through people”. That is reasonable. I think it can also be defined as rational resource distribution. No matter the official material resource or people around u ,they all may be become the element u have to make good use of .Administrative Management can not work if u can’t get valuable information through rational use and allocation of them. Maybe it’s a process of cooperation ,adjustment and arrangement….

Through this work, I deeply felt one can not complete it without other’s help and cooperation. when I need to open company’s account ,I have to ask everyone for their copy file of ID; when it is time to clean the office or ,we have to ask every staff to keep the office clean ;when I have some test to be evaluated, I must call for the linguists to make time to help me……..

The management is related to a lot of elements ,so it’s reasonable that i have to do a lot of trivial things to help our office’s work go smoothly. Through two month’s work, I got a conclusion about my working content listed below.

1 assist the administration manager to complete the company’s administrative work and daily affairs.

2 help to review and revise the rules ad regulations of company management , do something about organization and management of office’s usual administrative work .

3 supervision and Implementation of the rules.

4 supervise everyone’s attendance’s situation

5 execution of punishment or rewarding.

6 assist the administrative department manager for housekeeping, security management and provide effective administrative services for other departments timely .
7 be responsible for receiving and transmitting the express and fax .

8 buy some official instruments and other usual useful things .

9 be responsible for the procurement and distribution of office supplies.

10 do something like document receiving work, material collection , management of files or documents and writing draft for documents.ect.

11 interview reception, arrangement and organization of meeting, training, company group activities, and give staffs greetings such as holidays condolences.

12 get in touch with related outside department an do some deal with internal affairs such as receiving visitors, answering calls ,and help others solve the problems meeting in their work.

13 help the administrative department manager to co-ordinate with other departments.
For a administrative manager,they may need to grasp the overall situation and take more responsibility.They may also need to define every staff’s responsibility and help to spread enterprise culture and so on.While Shortly speaking,such job really need clear thinking and calls for implement step by step.Genrally we have to plan for it to determine how to do it and then organize related resource to put it into practice. Next, we must know how to guide and lead reasonably which step is also very important and at last ,to make sure the activity can arrive the expected result,we have to constantly superve or check it and correct the errors timely when it happens.