To build a long term cooperation relationship with our client, I think there are some points that are of paramount importance.

1. Sincere, friendly attitude:

Everyone would love to communicate with friendly person. If you answer a call with cold tone, I bet the client would give up all likelihood cooperate with you. Therefore, when making a call with the customer, be sure to pay attention to the tone of voice, to be enthusiastic, always remember to say “thanks.”

If there is a problem due to our own reason, we should humbly accept it and do our best to solve the problem. In this way, we will leave the customer a good impression, and win the trust, even to help introduce you to new customers.

2. Find the specific range of linguists for specific files:

Any single translator is impossible to master every industry, although some technical terms can be solved by means of specialized dictionaries, but if you are rarely involved in the field, the translation will surely cannot reach an ideal result. Therefore find a correct translator is really important.

3. Consult with client in time if any query:

When receive on order, make sure the customer’s specific requirements, such as delivery time, file format requirements, etc is clear. Do not assume you know exactly what customers want, otherwise, you will not only bring trouble to both yourself and client, but also you have to spend some wrong time to rework, or even lose the opportunity to continue to cooperate in the future

4. Be sure to avoid simple mistakes:

For the translation quality, customers do not want to see such problems such as a spelling, grammar, etc, those kindly of simple mistakes. Therefore, after translation done, be sure to check it again like using X- bench, from start to end as much as possible to avoid these errors. At the same time, make sure the translation layout is same with source.

5. Insist on commitment, deliver on time:

Once you confirmed the deadline, you should always keep your promise to finish the task. The delay will surely leave a bad impression, and customers do not like to hear any excuses, no matter whether you really have some reasons, since the delay will disrupt the customer plans, and even bring loss of business.

As long as we can stick to those principles, we can not only keep a friendly relationship with our client, and they may recommend you to their friend or other partner who have the translation demand. The premise is you can definitely supply good quality.