Marketer is a person whose duties include the identification of the goods and services desired by a set of consumers, as well as the marketing of those goods or services on behalf of a agency.

As marketer are responsible for maintaining, developing and serving for the clients. , we firstly should be familiar with their own business scope in order to better introduce yourself to the customer service or product .Also we need to integrate all related social resources, marketing resources and enterprise advantage resources.

How to search for useful customers , how to grasp their heart is very important , excellent social communication skills are needed until two sides conclude the transaction.We also need the ability of handling difficulties under all kinds of unexpected circumstances, and the strain capacity and adaptability in every environment. So Good psychological quality is also required.As for the knowledge structure, humanistic training etc. these also should be the basic personalities to have.

Our company—CCJK is mainly in business of providing translation and website services. There is no problem to manage translation projects as it is more easy to manage in my opinion .

But for website translation.I even did not know how to download them and calculate their words as they could not be analysed directly by trades . Most difficult thing is about pure website projects, usually there are some difficulties for me to communicate between clients and internal engineers.

Sometimes, the clients asked me some questions, I didn’t know how to give a prompt reply due to lack of professional knowledge and i even did not to how to give them accurate quote the first time someone asked me, I usually need to ask the responsible engineer, so sometimes the time to answer questions was delayed.

It is a long way for me to become a qualified marketer …