A new job,a new start!

I have not write something for a long time,so it’s pulling to me to write a blog for someone have not write that before.

At here, I have to learn something about translation and tools,and become familiar with my new college. I always consider translation a hard job, but to me is a happy job.

My previous jobs were concerned with localization,In recent years, Chinese localizers have been strengthening their exchanges with their foreign counterparts as well as the publicity of their services.

The free and chaotic state of the sector has been replaced by the standardized and orderly development pattern. Although the worldwide financial crisis of two years ago crippled the flourishing tendency of localizing enterprises, it offered them precious opportunities in the accelerated globalization.

China has gradually become one of the major centers for multilingual localization services. So we can say that translation industry has a promising future. Here is the introduction of localization company.

The service pattern of localization companies underwent remarkable changes in 2002. Outsourcing service companies began to purchase localization companies and traditional localization companies tended to transform into outsourcing service providers.

For example, Worksoft changed its software localization service into software outsourcing service, and henceforth its development was sped up and it became listed on the New York Stock Exchange as the leading enterprise of China’s software outsourcing service industry.

The localization technology has been developing rapidly. SJTU Sunway Software Industry Limited was the first to formulate the concept of “information localization” in China, and in 2004 it successfully developed Yaxin CAT, a computer-aided translation software package, with the ambition of becoming the largest information localization expert in the Asia-Pacific region.

In 2006, Lionbridge issued Freeway, marking the advent of localization 2.0. It is a kind of web-based language service coordinated platform which integrates all key factors of international companies’ localization projects into one flexible, free-of-charge and multilingually supported Web platform and which allows real-time control by global companies, localization service companies, language service vendors, and others.

After my resign from my first translation job, I came to realize that attitude can cast huge effect on translation result. It was my high time to reconsider my job and future career. So being careful would be the first thing for translator, especially for good translator.

When I review my second translation job, even when I was working in that compamy, I realized that there is a long way to go for I being a translator, such as how to choose a good word, how to find that rarely used word and how to make the translation more simple and native. It take time to translate a sound sentence, but I believe I can do it!